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Why I love Senator Minchin

January 15, 2009

“I have always considered the Liberal Party a centrist party, and that it exhibited those traits during the last period of federal government (“Liberals must move to the centre or die – Pyne”, January 13). It would seem that Christopher Pyne is advocating a significant move to the left, rather than to the centre.

Mr Pyne appears to want the Liberal Party to become a greens party, which is not consistent with its history and philosophy, nor with its support base, and is not a particularly sensible recipe for returning to government.

The path proposed by Mr Pyne is the one taken by some state Liberal oppositions over the past decade, with disappointing results.

I commend Mr Pyne on his contribution to the debate, but there are many of us who respectfully disagree with his conclusions.

Senator Nick Minchin Kent Town (SA)”