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A Letter I’d Like to Read (but won’t)

February 2, 2009

A extract from a great letter that will never be written:

Dear America,

I take it back. I don’t apologize.

Because you know what? It’s none of your goddamned business. I work my ass off 10 months per year. It’s that hard work that gave you all those gooey feelings of patriotism last summer. If during my brief window of down time I want to relax, enjoy myself, and partake of a substance that’s a hell of a lot less bad for me than alcohol, tobacco, or, frankly, most of the prescription drugs most of you are taking, well, you can spare me the lecture.

I’m not going to bother extracting more as the whole thing is worth reading.  So just read the whole damn thing. Do it! Now!

Update: Tom Palmer notes on this farce:

“Of course, the US and A has now had three presidents in a row who have admitted that they took illegal drugs (one “didn’t inhale”), but not one of them has had the decency to propose ending the unjust, counter-productive laws under which they would have been prosecuted, had they been unlucky enough to have been caught, and under which, had they been convicted, they would have been ineligible to run for office and might even still be in prison. That very fact suggests one way in which the “war on drugs” undermines the rule of law. But let’s be sure to crucify a professional swimmer for … being photographed doing what a lot of people do.”

Update 2: Jake Zanoni in his new blog (which I encourage you all to read) notes the case of Andrew Carroll who deliberatly possessed a small amount of marijuana (despite not using the stuff)  to “demonstrate the absurdity of putting a human being in jail for a crime with no victim”

Update 3: Okay, I can see that about half of you are not clicking through to read the letter.  Not good enough – READ IT!!!!!