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Censorship Trial Announced

February 12, 2009

One can only wonder about the level of malicious Machiavellian malevolence within the Kevin Rudd government. As Australia mourned the loss of the bushfire victims, the government seized the opportunity,  firstly with its radical ideological attack on students, and quickly following with the announcement of a that it has found six internet service providers to collaborate with its Great Firewall of Australia internet censorship trial.

The fact that six ISP’s would prostitute themselves for such a plan would be worrying somewhat, until we realize that, well, no-one has actually heard of any of them! The DocNetwork provides a brief, yet incredibly amusing, rundown on the six culprits. It ends with the following:

While I am seething over this madness, I have found something to laugh about in all this, it was a comment made by Conroy about the companies participating in the trial, that they: “Will be recognized for their participation in the Pilot. This recognition will strengthen their brand image with the community.”… Mr. Conroy, while I do agree with you that this will do something about their brand image with the community, I don’t think strengthen would be the word I would use, words I would use would be ridicule, destroy, humiliate, though that’s just the opinion of me, Telstra, iiNet, Optus…most of Australia, but hey what do we know?

If you’re opposed to this breach of our individual rights, don’t just sign a petition. Contact one of the Liberal MP’s who have publically condemned this like Alex Hawke (NSW),  Nick Minchin (SA) or Cory Bernadi (SA) and see how you can get involved in the campaign to protect our freedoms.

Update: Alex Hawke’s Twitter account status currently is “Working to defeat Conroy’s censorship plan in Parliament #nocleanfeed” yay! 🙂