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Bishop v Hockey v Robb?

February 14, 2009

It would seem the commentariat have the knives out for Australian Shadow-Treasurer Julie Bishop:

JULIE BISHOP’S colleagues are about to pressure her to either step down voluntarily as shadow treasurer and take another senior role or face removal as the Liberal Party’s deputy leader.

Multiple Coalition sources have told the Herald that there is a near-unanimous view within the Opposition that Ms Bishop must go before the budget on May 12, and preferably sooner.

The Australian had similar words yesterday – a co-ordinated campaign no doubt.

To be honest, such a view is somewhat unsurprising. The Liberals have failed to sell a compelling emotional narrative on opposing Rudd’s stimulus, despite rationality being on their side. With the possible exception of Senator Mitch Fifield, I have seen little attempt to frame the issue outside of the doomed-to-fail ‘it’s to expensive’ line. The emotional connection to the electorate – so desperately needed by the Libs at this time, has been sadly lacking. While I personally have a lot of respect for Julie Bishop, to some degree she must shoulder the blame.

What I can not – for the life of me – understand is the following:

The common view within is that Joe Hockey, the finance spokesman, would replace Ms Bishop

The media seem constantly to be bending over backwards to promote Joe Hockey, whether it be Federally or as leader of the NSW Opposition. And I honestly can’t see it. I really can’t. Can someone please explain to me what he has done to deserve such adulation? What am I missing?

I mean we’re talking about someone who was an utter laughing stock as Finance Minister – so much so he was demoted, failed miserably at tourism, and, while I hardly blame him for the Industrial Relations debacle (most of the fault for that lies at someone else’s door), his performance there was hardly steller. Other than appearing on Morning Television, what has he ever done successfully?

Joe Hockey is a nice enough fellow. He’s likable, he comes across as affable in the media, and, of course, he makes a lovable Shrek, but can someone please name me a single achievement of his? Anything he’s done that hasn’t ended in failure? Anything at all? I mean if I’m mistaken, please do tell me. I just really can’t see it.

Andrew Robb is also mentioned in the article as a contender. Whilst I don’t know that much about him, he was the successful mastermind of the 1996 Liberal Election campaign – one of the best campaigns in recent decades. I would have assumed this would have placed him in some higher standing at least.

The Parliamentary wing of the Liberal Party is brimming with talent. Surely we can do better than a man who brought failure to every portfolio he has touched.