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The Liberal Party and Principles: FML

June 30, 2009

Janet Albrechtsen writes in today’s Oz:

THERE is nothing more disheartening or dishonourable than a party without principles. In that vein, it is time for the NSW Liberal Party to change its name to something more fitting. The Other Mob will do. Last week, under leader Barry O’Farrell, the party showed it has no commitment to core Liberal Party values.

Not only did it oppose the privatisation of lotteries in NSW, just as it voted against the privatisation of electricity last year. Now it has decided to vote against the publication of school rankings, which has long been part of the Liberal Party platform. It was a weird time to side with the far-left agenda of the Greens and the teachers unions when the Labor Party has finally seen the sense of education reforms long pursued by the federal Liberal Party to empower parents and help students.

O’Farrell has shown that under his leadership, the party’s commitment to Liberal Party values is a sham. As Andrew Clennell reported in The Sydney Morning Herald last week, when Howard was in opposition he supported the sale of the Commonwealth Bank and Qantas because it was part of the Liberal Party’s unwavering economic agenda. But O’Farrell is an altogether different creature, choosing to block the sale of the state’s electricity assets – despite the overwhelming economics – because, as he told new Liberal member Mike Baird, “It’s politics, mate.”

What makes O’Farrell’s move even more incomprehensible is that the election of a Liberal government at thenext state election is almost assured, given the disarray and incompetence of the NSW Labor government. But if O’Farrell is so cocky about winning that he is ready to abandon core Liberal Party principles, then he and his Other Mob do not deserve government.

Can any reader here find even 5 believers in, well, fundamental Liberal principles, in the Parliamentary wing of the NSW Liberal Party?

And in other cheery news, I learn on Pimpin’ for Freedom that the Liberal Party – which according to the party platform at least – is meant to be the party of states rights and federalism because, you know, decentralisation is kinda fundamental to conservative ideology,  is calling for a Federal takeover of the health system. Despite having spent it’s entire history fighting this very very policy. I’m sure Menzies is turning in his grave.

Oh – and – hahaha, get this – Turnbull also “indicated the Coalition would support an amended ETS when parliament returned from the winter recess in August“. The ETS – purely and simply – is an energy tax that will hurt all Australians. It will destroy jobs, destroy industry, and destroy lives. Itwill do nothing to address climate change, and is quite probably the most damaging piece of legislation we have seen in the last 30 years: certainly nothing under Hawke/Keating was this disasterous. And it looks like the Liberals will support it. Yay for the Liberals.

Seriously, FML.

Will the real Kevin please stand up?

February 10, 2009

Janet Albrechtsen nails it once again:

True prime ministerial character can never be judged before taking office or in the honeymoon period that follows. It emerges over time in shaping policy and responding to events. Worryingly, the emerging Kevin Rudd persona has at its core the convictionless pursuit of power.

It is difficult to construct a firm set of Rudd principles. As Prime Minister, he has mastered the art of slippery politics. He speaks with hyperbole to suggest conviction that, on closer scrutiny, is not there. He darts from one piece of Rudd rhetoric to the next, only to move away from each of his sweeping pronunciamentos with alarming speed.

There are two tests of political conviction. The first is one of consistency, delivering on promises made and adherence to core beliefs over time. The second test of conviction is courage: whether a politician has held beliefs before they emerged as the orthodoxy or simply jumped on a bandwagon only when it was popular and safe to do so.

So who is the real Rudd? You be the judge.

Read the whole thing.