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Mass Walkout at UN Conference

April 21, 2009


Hamas’s culture of death

January 13, 2009

By now most of us would have seen the Youtube of the school Hamas rigged with explosives – despite the mainstream media’s attempts to keep such news hidden.

The news of Hamas atrocities keeps getting worse. Today it’s reported that:

“A Hamas member of the Palestinian parliament admitted in a recent televised address that his group makes regular use of willing Arab civilian human shields in its battle against Israel.”

Speaking on Hamas-owned Al-Aqsa television two weeks ago, Fathi Hammad further noted that Hamas is fostering a “culture of death” among the Palestinians, and that this initiative is being eagerly adopted by Palestinian women and children, especially.”

The Australian Liberal Students’ Federation recently organized a bipartisan rally with over 1000 people in support of Israel’s right to self defense. ALSF President Byron Hodkinson speaks about the rally here:

Other speakers at the rally, including Liberal Senator Mitch Fifield, Labor MP Michael Danby and AIJAC President Colin Rubinstein AM, can be seen here.