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Hamas’s culture of death

January 13, 2009

By now most of us would have seen the Youtube of the school Hamas rigged with explosives – despite the mainstream media’s attempts to keep such news hidden.

The news of Hamas atrocities keeps getting worse. Today it’s reported that:

“A Hamas member of the Palestinian parliament admitted in a recent televised address that his group makes regular use of willing Arab civilian human shields in its battle against Israel.”

Speaking on Hamas-owned Al-Aqsa television two weeks ago, Fathi Hammad further noted that Hamas is fostering a “culture of death” among the Palestinians, and that this initiative is being eagerly adopted by Palestinian women and children, especially.”

The Australian Liberal Students’ Federation recently organized a bipartisan rally with over 1000 people in support of Israel’s right to self defense. ALSF President Byron Hodkinson speaks about the rally here:

Other speakers at the rally, including Liberal Senator Mitch Fifield, Labor MP Michael Danby and AIJAC President Colin Rubinstein AM, can be seen here.