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Government Violations of Religious Freedom

June 4, 2009

American Papist today reports on a ruling in the UK that a policy by the Catholic Church to place children for adoption in only heterosexual families breaches anti-discrimination legislation.  Britain’s Daily Telegraph reports:

The Tribunal’s ruling leaves leading charity Catholic Care (Diocese of Leeds) facing a deep religious impasse and creates a fundamental conflict between the tenets of the Catholic Church and the law of the land.

If the charity now sticks to Church policy and continues to follow its “heterosexuals only” policy it could lose its charity status and public funding. It might also face discrimination claims by same-sex couples it has turned away in the past.

As American Papist notes, “Catholic Charities is faced with the option of getting out of the adoption business … or compromising its principles. That’s a choice a Church charity shouldn’t have to make.”

This isn’t a case of whether you think gay adoption is a good thing or not – I think there are very strong arguments that can be made to say placing a child with a loving gay couple is preferable to them languishing as a ward of the state. This is an issue of using the power of the state to force people to violate fundamental tenants of faith.