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Why Turnbull MUST Be Deposed

November 24, 2009

Today is a day that will live in infamy.

It is a day when the Leader of the Liberal Party, Malcolm Bligh Turnbull, officially abandoned any vestiges of belief in individual freedom, small government, and free markets, and replaced them with the dogma of the polls. A “leader” who has spat upon party processes, and the wishes of his parliamentary team, and unilaterally declared himself God.

It is a day when our “Glorious Leader” has revealed himself to be little more than a delusional and mentally unstable individual, desperate to ram his own distorted worldview down the throat of an unwilling party. One who has placed his petty personal ego above the good of the country. One whose paranoid rantings, and deranged obsessions – if unchecked – will be the death of us all.

On this day – the day where the entire edifice supporting the lie behind AGW has come crashing down, the so-called “science” exposed as little more than manipulation and deceit – he has betrayed all. The Liberal Party has made many bad choices in the past, but nothing rivals this on the scale of the pure evil that has been unleashed.

This CPRS is – without a shred of doubt – the worst policy implemented by an Australian government since the Whitlam era (or, as some commentators have stated, since Federation). The misdeeds of Hawke/Keating pale in comparison. It is a program whose vile tentacles shall reach into every household, every workplace. Tentacles shall suffocate business, destroying jobs, and slowing the economy. Which will raise costs for struggling families by over $1100 a year. Which will do nothing for the environment. And which we shall not be able to rid ourselves of.

I must stress this last point – once implemented, so deeply engrained will the ETS be, that it will be nigh on impossible to get rid of.

So. What actually happened?

As you are aware, the Partyroom met to decide whether to accept the Rudd-Turnbull “compromise”, deciding whether we should sell out the country to save Turnbull’s precious ego. By the time the meeting adjourned for Question time, it was clear things were not going well for the Cap & Traitors. Andrew Robb’s passionate speech against the ETS (and, if I may gloat briefly, it was my tweet that broke this news before any other source did), received with unprecedented cheering, swung the tide. During question time, Mr. Turncoat’s support evaporated. When the meeting reconvened, it became clear without any doubt that Mr. Turncoat did not have the votes in the partyroom. A clear majority of the partyroom stood up for Australia. By  41 speakers to 32, the mood of the party was clearly, clearly against any grubby ‘compromise’.

So what did Mr. Turncoat do.  Did he graciously accept the will of the partyroom? Did he act like a true leader? Or did he channel his inner toddler and engage in the mother of all dummy spits?

Anyone who knows the deeply flawed character of this man, or has had any experience with his erratic behaviour, his temper tantrums, and his crazy schemes, knows the answer: he engaged in the mother of all dummy spits. When the Senators were forced to briefly leave the meeting to attend a vote in the Chamber, he unilaterally declared victory, and “stormed out”. He actually declared the results of a vote – without holding a vote. And did this when the Senators were not there.

This is mindboggling.  It is the behavior you would expect from a paranoid dictator, or a banana republic strong man, not that of a leader of a major party in Australia. To declare you had won a vote without actually holding the vote, when it is clear you do not have the numbers, is just beyond words, and demonstrates just how removed from reality the delusions of Mr. Turncoat are. It is an offence that strikes at the very core of parliamentary democracy. So bad, so unprecedented, so surreal, is this, that I half expect Ashton Kutcher will appear any moment, announcing we were all punk’d! The whole situation would be almost funny if it were not true, and if the future of our country did not hang in the balance.

As a result of this treachery, from this day on, The Dishonourable Malcolm Bligh Turnbull MP will wear his leadership as a crown of thorns. Despised by all in the partyroom, irrespective of their position on the ETS, he is a dead man walking. It is only a matter of time before he is deposed. None of the factions support him (perhaps the only thing they are all in agreement on), and he has remained in the job to date solely because no-one else wanted the job. Despite the lack of credible other candidates, however, after today, one thing is clear:

Malcolm Turnbull must go. And he must go now.

It did not have to be this way. Mr. Turncoat did not have to make this a leadership issue. He did not have to stake all on forcing the party to sell out. Simply calling for a delay of a few weeks until after Copenhagen, so we would have known what the rest of the world does, and denied Prime Minister Rudd a grandstanding exercise, would not have hurt in the polls. If anything it would have benefited. This was the compromise Senator Minchin tried to offer him last night, which, with his usual hubris, the Great Man opposed. Indeed, even if worst came to worst, a revenue-neutral carbon tax, coupled with tax cuts and the like, could have been proposed, a solution that would have appeased the Green lobby a lot more (it would have actually done something, unlike Rudd’s CPRS), and not wreaked this economic devastation. But no. He was determined to enter the gutter, and drag the whole party along with him.

There is no longer any room for doubt. He is the greatest traitor the Liberal Party has seen, a Manchurian candidate who seems hell-bent to destroy the party, and all that we have worked for, from the inside. To anyone who cherishes the Liberal Party, and what it stands for, there is only one course of action. Malcolm Turnbull must go. He is a cancer, which, if not excised, will destroy the Liberal Party. This is no longer simply a battle for the soul of the Liberal Party, it is a battle for its very survival. Mr. Turnbull is so dedicated to recreate the experience of Sampson, to destroy himself, and destroy the Liberal Party in the process, that there is no other option for us. He must be destroyed.

Already, the devastating effects of this are starting to be felt. Just look at the current by-elections. Despite the very strong campaign run by William Street (a tribute to our State Director, who leads the strongest campaign team we have in a decade), people are simply not turning up to support the party in Bradfield. I hear of similar problems in Higgins, where, with even a very strong candidate in Kelly O’Dwyer, our rank and file supporters are simply refusing to show up. Why support a party if it stands for nothing, after all. And this is but the thin edge of the wedge. Unless stopped, Mr. Turnbull will ensure that there will be no rank and file left. He will take down the party with him. Whether the  spill motion tomorrow is successful or not (and with such short notice I doubt Andrews, Abbott or any other potential candidate would have the numbers), this must happen soon.

The time for compromise is over. Turnbull must be removed from office. Let the message be crystal clear: those who work for, support, or do anything to bolster Malcolm Turnbull are collaborators on par with the Vichy. If they have not resigned by now, then they deserve no quarter. And the time of reckoning is upon us. I single out for particular attention some of the self-proclaimed conservatives for whom I have the most contempt. We all know who they are. Those who loudly proclaimed their conservative beliefs, who were elected to stand on a conservative platform, and who, when push came to shove, betrayed us. It is this betrayal that is the cruelest cut of all. If they do not do the right thing, then their time shall come.

Like with any story, along with the villains, are the heroes: those who stood up for truth and righteousness. And when the day of reckoning arrives, they shall be richly rewarded.

In particular, I wish to note the contribution of Dr. Denis Jensen, and Senator Cory Bernardi. Long before opposing the ETS was popular, they stood up for principle, at great personal cost. Dr. Jensen, at great risk to his own career, has steadfastly spoken out in favour of true science from the outset. Similarly, Senator Bernardi, one of the most promising and inspiring young members we have, has consistently put truth and principle above naked ambition, again, at great cost to his own parliamentary career. These people are true heroes, to whom I bow down without reservation.

Similarly, the other members of the Coalition who have stood up against the ETS, despite the inordinate pressure put upon them: I do not know the names of all 40, but can clearly say they deserve an honoured place in Liberal Party History.

To those who supported Malcolm Turncoat, however, let this message ring loud and clear. Your days are numbered. We will remember this come pre-selection time. Freedom will ultimately prevail, and you will be consigned to the dustbin of history.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: If you voted in favour of this monstrosity, then you have no place in the Liberal Party. And if you do not do the honourable thing, and march straight down to Sussex Street (or your state’s equivalent) and join the Labor Party, then any true liberal WILL dedicate the remainder of their lives to ensuring you shall hold no other position of office within the Liberal Party, shall be thrown out at pre-selection, and shall be consigned to the dustbin of history. At the end of it, you will be reduced to a shallow husk of a person, occasionally turning up on the ABC and in the Fairfax press, whining and mewling on how unfairly you were treated, but ultimately, a nobody.

This is how it will be. There is no question.

This is the greatest litmus test of all time. You either stand for freedom, or you stand against it. You either vote for principle, or sell us all out. There is no grey. There is no compromise. It is simple, black & white. So if you are an MP: whatever you choose, we will not forget. We will remember your actions, and you shall be held to account. All decisions have consequences, and you shall be forced to pay for yours.

If you are a member of the party, or even purely a supporter, there is only one course any true believer in freedom can take: involve yourself in the Liberal Party as much as possible, to ensure these traitors will never be re-elected to their seats. Do everything in your power to transform our party, so it returns to the great creature it once used to be. Dedicate today and tomorrow to emailing all MP’s & Senators urging them to depose Mr. Turncoat. There might not be a great replacement waiting in the wings, but anything is better than Turncoat as leader. He must go. There is no other choice.

Cap & Traitors: your days are numbered.
Malcolm Turnbull: your political career is over.

Righteousness shall prevail.

Say NO To An ETS

October 26, 2009

A Special Message From Not Evil Just Wrong For Australia

October 13, 2009

How You Can Help Save Australia’s Economy And Defeat The ETS

October 1, 2009

The future of Australia is in balance. This is how serious I believe Penny Wong’s economic suicide pact is. It is not simply a job-killing, economy-destroying big government tax , but one that if passed, will set a new precedent in government meddling right down to the household level, pave the stage for greater power to unelected bureaucrats, and will achieve nothing for the environment. Even if you believe in anthropogenic global warming, there is no way you can believe this is the best way to proceed.

With a Senate vote on Australia’s economic death-sentence only a month away, now is the time for action. We need to do anything and everything in our power to ensure the Senate blocks this disaster.

Fortunately, in a little under 3 weeks, a groundbreaking major film will premiere worldwide that tackles the human cost of global warming head on. On October 18 Not Evil Just Wrong will premiere all over the world. And this will be a game-changer.

Made by Greener Horizon Films, producers of the critically acclaimed “Mind Your Own Business” (which many of you may have seen on its Australian tour), this is the first major movie on the true cost of global warming hysteria.

I firmly believe that this film can and will make a difference in this crucial debate.

Not Evil Just Wrong applies rigorous investigative journalism and cutting-edge cinematographic techniques to create a documentary that is not only a compilation of scientific data regarding ‘climate change’, but also includes personal stories that highlight the very real danger of climate-change hysteria presents. This is no dry, scientific analysis: it is a personal look at the human cost of radical environmentalism. From the millions who have died in Africa due to anti-DDT pushes, to the jobs and lives that will be destroyed if cap-and-tax is passed around the world, for the first time environmentalist will be held to account.

Having watched the film, I can say without any doubt that it is brilliantly produced, funny, moving and very, very powerful. And defiantly worth watching and promoting

So far the reaction to this film has been overwhelmingly positive: Australia’s Jennifer Marohasy wrote thatNot Evil Just Wrong is politically incorrect, compelling and spans several continents including Africa while exploring its subject matter with harshness and humour.” The National Post (Canada) reported that this is “a devastating account of … Mr. Gore’s brand of self-interested and hypocritical alarmism”. The Irish Times said that “If the advance publicity is anything to go by, Not Evil Just Wrong will do for Al Gore what Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 did for George W Bush.” says it “skewers global warming alarmists in the media and around the world”, and John Fund, writing in the Wall Street Journal , reviews how it takes on the hysteria over global warming and warns that rushing to judgment in combating climate change would threaten the world’s poor”. The list goes on.

On the left, the reaction has been slightly different – the UK Telegraph reports of death-treats against the producers, and such delightful emails as “It is one of my fondest hopes that whatever remnants of human civilization exists at the end of this catastrophe is able to put people like you on trial for crimes against humanity and give you the same treatment Hitler’s henchmen got at Nurnberg a long drop at the end of a short rope.” Says it all really.

Because obviously Hollywood didn’t want to distribute this film, filmmakers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney have a unique and I think rather fun distribution plan. In a world first, people can order “premiere packs” which will come with a DVD, a movie poster so they can have a home cinema and a piece of red carpet so they can have their own special premiere (although they can’t press play until the right time!)

The world-wide premiere is to be held on October 18 at 8pm, and the producers are calling for screenings in Australia at either 8pm on the 18th Australian time, or alternatively simultaneously with the US premiere, which works out as being at 10am Monday the 19th AEST. To those who screen it on the Monday AEST, the opportunity exists participate afterwords in an online discussion webcast with a panel of experts straight from Washington DC afterwords, where viewers would be able to email/facebook/twitter questions to the panel for instant updates. We already have many people and groups on board – so join in and let’s make it bigger

So! On October 18th, make history and be part of an international movement with a Guinness World Record attempt to have the largest ever simultaneous film premiere! 🙂

Already throughout the world families, non-profits, even unions are holding public screenings.  So join in! You can watch it at home, or you can attend one of the numerous public screenings that will be held around Australia. Better yet – make up your own screening and invite your friends!

From the EU Parliament in Brussles, to small towns in rural America, all over the world this film will be HUGE! And I say this quite seriously – I would not be spending my time promoting this if I thought otherwise.

I am currently coordinating screenings and sales around Australia. If you are interested in hosting a public screening – even if it’s just a few people – or are interested in helping promote this film in Australia, please send me an email to The producers will do anything and everything possible to facilitate this for you.

In the meanwhile, go buy a DVD! 🙂

This is your chance to not only get a great DVD and be part of history, but directly support the ALS.

Here’s a trailer:

Also, you can watch a short clip from the film that includes comments by Patrick Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace and also one that features rather horrifying tales of brainwashed children. Or you can watch the Directors of this film interview – or at least attempt to interview – some radical left environmentalist filmmakers.

Writing last week for Quadrant, the producers quite rightly stated that “History has proven that radical environmentalists cannot be believed. Australians need to reject their nonsense”. Let’s work together to make that happen!

Order your copy today!