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Proof Rudd is a Moron

February 13, 2009

Exhibit A:



*sigh* Please note this person is meant to be the Prime Minister of Australia. And yup, he can’t even use apostrophes.

And he’s asking us to trust him with $42 billion dollars.


Even ignoring this, how dare this man seek to take advantage of the deaths of so many Australians as a brazen political stunt like this? One minute twitter silence? From him? Is this some kind of twisted joke???  This is sickening, and an insult to all who perished in the blaze.

The End of the World As We Know it

January 31, 2009

And so one of the last bastion of civilization falls to the barbarians:

From the Daily Mail:

Birmingham City Council has dropped possessive apostrophes from its road and street signs altogether – so St Paul’s Square becomes St Pauls, for example.

I very, very much want to join the Appostraphe Protection Soceity’s militant wing and launch a guerilla campaign.