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What Would You Do If You Were ACORN’s Crises Management Consultant?

September 22, 2009

Here is a hypothetical for you I think is rather interesting (one for the real hardened hacks!):

Imagine you’re a soulless spin-doctor, a ‘crisis management’ consultant. You have no scruples about the ideological leanings of who you work for, and will do ‘whatever it takes’ to get the job done.

And you have just been given one of the biggest contracts of the year: advising ACORN.

What would you tell them to do? I mean think about it, here you have a massive organization/criminal enterprise, that’s been effectively destroyed in terms of public perception in the last week. How can they get out of it?

Should they go on the offensive? Attack the vast right wing conspiracy and tough it out? Launch an aggressive donation campaign amongst its supporters.

Or should they admit fault, and have their head resign? Should they set up a new transparency initiative?

Maybe they should go further. Repay federal tax dollars, suspend operations?

Maybe they will have to be more radical – stop their voter registration actions, split into two bodies, or ultimately shut down (and re-brand later under a different name)?

Unlike a private company, of course, ACORN relies on taxpayer and donation funding, so its incentives are obviously different. And I suspect general public opinion is not as vital to it as it is for a private company.

But any any event, leaving all value judgments aside, what would you do?

The Shady Bunch

September 22, 2009

I should stress that I do not necessarily approve/agree/endorse all the images showed in this clip, but I think it was pretty funny nonetheless!

(H/T Tom Palmer)

RIP Big Media: An In Depth Look At How Van Jones, Tea Parties & ACORN Destroyed Big Media Credibility

September 16, 2009

Students of history, of journalism, of sociology: mark this month in your diaries. Mark this month well, because this is the month that what was formally called “mainstream” media was officially pronounced dead.

It’s been a nice ride for traditional media outlets. We’ve had our fair share of fun along to way.  But now it is over. Almost 4 years to the day that “Rathergate” showed ordinary citizens taking on Big Media and winning, the last two weeks have completely, totally, and utterly demonstrated the sheer irrelevancy of traditional media outlets and their biased and outdated methods of news dissemination.

The gatekeepers of information have finally been vanquished. No longer are they able to sit upon their lofty heights, determining what information they deem fit for the public to know about. In their stead, an army of citizen-journalists has arisen. The people have become the fourth estate. We are the media now. You don’t have to trust Hollywood or Manhatten anymore, because the game is over. Sure, they will linger around for a few years longer in their death-throws, and of course current outlets will continue in some form, but as of this week, no-one can say Big Media should be taken seriously. They are beyond redemption.

At this point, if you get your news primarily from Big Media outlets, you may wonder what I am talking about, or whether I’ve gone slightly crazy. After all, nothing really happened the last few weeks, did it? Sure a few right-wing extremists got angry at a few things, but that always happens – right? I mean there was nothing special about the last 3 weeks, right?

Wrong. Because in the last three weeks three massive, huge, enormous, game-changing political things happening. Any one of these by and of itself might not have meant much, but together, the political landscape in the U.S. has been irrevocably altered in the last three weeks. And Big Media missed all three.

Let us review events as they happened, and embark on tales of corruption, embezzlement, undercover operations, child prostitution and the American Left.