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Highly Emotionally Effective Political Ads

February 7, 2009

I’ve been pondering recently the emotional effects of political advertising, and how advertisements that create an emotional response from the viewer are, for the most part,  considerably more effective than those based on trying to ‘educate’ and relying on rationality alone.

Below are two examples of what I found very highly effective examples of this from radically different political perspectives. The first of these is from a pro-life organisation, the latter seeking to overturn California’s ban on (state-sanctioned) gay marriage. Without going into the actual issues, nor analyzing the logical fallacies in both advertisements , I think that purely from the perspective creating a strong, immediate emotional effect on the viewer, both these ads are highly, highly successful.

If anyone wishes to post comments, please try to limit them to the effectiveness of these ads, and not into the actual merits of the pro-life or pro-gay marriage movements.

(h/t to Julian Sanchez for the latter of these)