One of Peter Savage’s Murderer’s Convicted

Good news from today’s SMH:

A MAN has been found guilty of manslaughter over the death of Peter Savage, 16 years after the schoolboy was killed while walking home from school.

Peter was 16 when he was stabbed on Mills Street, Lidcombe, in August 1995 after refusing to hand his wallet to two teenagers who confronted him as he walked home after rugby training.

The case remained unsolved for more than 10 years until a childhood friend of one of the killers came forward to police in 2006, sparking an undercover police operation that brought a 33-year-old man to trial last month.

Although I never knew Peter Savage personally (I was still at the prep at the time), many friends of mine did, and I still remember clearly the Assembly where we were all informed of how one of our schoolmates was brutally murdered for $5, and the pall it cast over the school for a very long time.
It is great to see that justice, as belated at it was, has finally come to pass for one of the perpetrators, and I can not wait until the day where the other – who has apparently fled to El Salvador – is also made to pay for his crime.

2 Responses to “One of Peter Savage’s Murderer’s Convicted”

  1. Joe Says:

    I just cannot understand why more pressure is not being made to the family of Rodriguez who fled to el salvador, it’s discusting that his 4 siblings and his parents have covered for him for so long. Why aren’t the media pushing for him to come home, it’s disgraceful.

  2. Terry Says:

    The old man got off for getting rid of the knife. No justice.

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