Stop The Levy

Just in case anyone hasn’t already seen it from my spamming, have just set up, which is to be an online petition to stop Labor’s newest tax to make up for its chronic overspending.

I’m sure I don’t need to convince any of you about how disastrous this would be, or go into the severely deleterious effects it will have on our economy, so, I’ll just ask you to check out the site, Follow it on Twitter, and “like” it on Facebook. And spread it to all your friends.



9 Responses to “Stop The Levy”

  1. Peter & Janet Says:

    I am disgusted at this levy being imposed upon an already highly taxed country. We all know it is just another tax to feather nest the labour party’s inane nbn project.

    We are struggling already to make ends meet and will never give to another cause as there will be a tax to follow anyway.

  2. bob dogett Says:

    we are over taxed the government still has the 3×3 fuel tax that they promised to drop, did not do so and there is still the Vietnam war tax on our petrol prices that war ended more than 40 years ago fair go Gillard you idiot stop giving our money to other countries

  3. Brian Jaggar Says:

    A typical labour spin policy that looks good if you can’t see. To administer such a scheme a Commission is required that accepts responsibility like the Snowy Scheme

  4. D J Preece Says:

    Most Aussies have already contributed a scarce funds to the Qld Premier’s flood fund. This levy is a form of “double dipping’! To the detriment of other charitable organisations, I will not be making any further donations. The iniquitious NBM should be recalibrated to a lower priority. The funds set aside for the NBM rollout should be directed to Queensland, Gascoynce in W.A., regional Victoria, and pockets of Northern NSW, who have all suffered from the results of flooding. This clueless and vacuous government couldn’t lead a bunch of Argentine ants on a bush picnic! I also disagree with our hard earned money being spent on the restoration of other countries when our own nation currently requires monetary, resource and equipment support. “Teflon Jules’ – nothing ever sticks – Gillard and her Cartel has a lot to answer for!

  5. joan delaney Says:

    my concern is how do we know monies will be used for this purpose – they may be just to boost the coffers in order to bring debt back into surplus by 2013 – she does keep waffling on about this.

  6. bill and lynn RAY Says:

    There is no need to apply an extra levy , all it would take is for our so called politicians to start using there brains instead of just sitting on them, Regrettably we all know this will not happen, Self interest will always come first……..

  7. catherine gleeson Says:

    First pink Batts and then B.E.R now your saying N.B.N and Levy.Why did Rud Knock back Foreign Aid?
    Isn’t it 3 strikes and your out Labor? So you’re long gone BYE BYE.

  8. Linette Lo Monaco Says:

    If we don’t go ahead with the NBN PROJECT, we can use the money to rebuild our States. We don’t need the NBN now but we do need to rebuild our country and people’s lives NOW.

    We don’t need to pay a levy just use some of the money which Labour has earmarked for ridiculous unnecessary spending.

  9. mothyspace Says:

    Keep it up! t-shirts will donate part of proceeds to flood relief. Keep fighting! Cheers, Tim

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