The Very Very Best of Menzies House’s Best Of The Web

One of the downsides about my blogging on numerous websites in recent months has been my neglect of my dearly beloved Inside The Mind of Tim, the blog that started it all. While such things can’t be helped (well, they can be, I could be less lazy, but as if that’s going to happen), it is hardly the best look for a blog to be lacking in updates for such a lengthy period of time. As such, simply to fill up space, I thought I would cross-post my last Menzies House Missive, which was on the very very best of Best Of the Web (for those of you unaware, I do a semi-regular roundup of quirky online stories, you see, and this is what I considered the ones from 2010). So, hope you enjoy!

Politics, Economics & The Law

Best Campaign Ad of 2008: Dale Peterson (obviously). Runner Up:Pamela Gorman. Honourable Mention: Demon Sheep.

Best Analysis of U.S. Mid-term Elections: Last Remaining Politician Must Rebuild Entire Government Following Bloodiest Midterm Election in Recent History.

Best Libertarian self-parody: Libertarian Cheat Sheet. Runner Up: 24 Types of Libertarian

Best Use of Government Resources: 7 year old has lemonade stand shut because she didn’t have a temporary restaurant license.

Best Satirical Story: Candidate May Have Lied About His Heroic Death in Vietnam

Best Moments in Political Feminism: Czech female politicians create a “sexy calendar” Runner Up: A Romanian model started a new political party for beautiful people

Best Politico Twitter Scandal: UK Labor Candidate Tweets You know I think I might be completely sober for the first time in 4 days” Runner Up: CA Gubernatorial Candidate Meg Whitman links to cross-dressing Asian pop dubbers.

Best Hot or Not: The US Congressional version!

Best Use of Race Card: The NAACP call greeting card about the universe, solar system and black holes “racist” Runner Up: Scottish Retailer HMV has removed banners reading “Anyone But England” for promoting racial hatred

Best Volunteer Ad: Help Teach Kids How The Government Works by Simply Taking All Their Sweets Off Them And Telling Them To F**k Off

Best Moment in Perverse Incentives: Chinese officials try to solve the problem of cigarette butts by offering residents money for each butt collected.

Best Legal Analysis: The Law of Dungeons and Dragons Runner Up: Is Batman a State actor when it comes to U.S. law?

Health News

Best anti smoking-nazi Freedom Fighter: Nick Hogan Runner Up: The Dutch. All of them. Honourable Mention:Spainish Bar Owners

Best news for caffeine addicts: Coffee is Good For Your Brain

Best news for smokers: you have nearly twice the chance of dying if you DON’T smoke. Runner Up:   Further health benefits of smoking. Honourable Mention: How smokos are beneficial to companies,

Best Article Against Health Fetish: This one

Best news for alcoholics: Heavy drinkers outlive non-drinkers Runner Up: Drinkers earn more than teetotalers. First Honourable Mention: World’s oldest twins say alcohol is the key. Second Honourable Mention: Top 5 Most Inspiring Thigns Ever Accomplished (while being drunk). Third Honourable Mention: Alcohol doesn’t kill your brain cells after all. Forth Honorable Mention:  The smarter a woman is, the more likely she is to drink.

Best Scientific News for Newlyweds: Science proves you must have lots of sex to ensure a happy marriage

Best Development in Mental Health Industry: Proposal to classify happiness as mental disorder

Best lies by smoking nazi’s: This list

Arts, Sport & Entertainment

Best film parody: Generic Movie Based On Every Movie Ever Made

Best New Beverage: Bourbon Milkshakes!

Best New Vending Machine: Mojitos every 30 seconds

Best Nightclub Theme: Margaret Thatcher

Best Moment in Sport: This This College Gridiron trick play

Best Book Trivia: Size of Books Determined by Size of Sheep

Best Copyright Warning: “May he who steals this book suffer the pangs of death infernal!”

Best Chapter from Political Anthology: The Smokers’ Code

Foreign Affairs

Best Spy: Anna ChapmanWho’s now in Playboy.

Best Border Ceremony Now Tragically CancelledIndia-Pakistan


Best Headline Of The Year: Skywalkers in Korea Cross Han Solo. Related: Sandwich board of the year.

Best Blogger Alive: Alex Balk

Best Now-Defunct Blog: Look at this f**king Hipster

Best News Channel: Fox News with the top 13 shows on cable news.


Best Underwear: Metallic type lets you send a message to the TSA

Best Liar: Harvard University Student Created Entire Fake Life History to Gain Admission

Best P**sed off Employee: This guy who writes printer cartridge ads

Best Alternative History:  Ron Paul in 2003 Runner Up: What is mass-murder Lenin died 5 years earlier?

Best Suicide Prevention Moment: Caller So Angry At Person Suicide-Prevention Priest Falling Asleep He Doesn’t Kill Himself to Complain

Best Facebook Graph: Relationship Breakdowns by Date

Best Horny Woman: This one

And finally, the Best Use Of Aminals: Para-sailing donkeys



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