Australian Cultural Literacy

What better way to understand culture than through the prism of mass marketing? 🙂

Well, there are five – what ought I have chosen?

PS: Yes, the decore ad has no relevance to Australian cultural literacy whatsoever, other than as an object of mockery and derision, but seriously, who can forget it? Also, the Toyota ad is presented not so much as a cultural symbol, but simply because of the effect it had upon the lexicon…

PPS: Never got into Louis the fly, so stop messaging me about it. Not putting it up.


2 Responses to “Australian Cultural Literacy”

  1. Ben Says:

    Oh no…TimmyLeaks. As an Australian, I wash my hands clean of these perverse ads. Please. Don’t remind the world of our cultural illiteracy Tim. Enough is enough. Just say no. Stop it. This is wrong. Oh,the shame.

  2. Martin English Says:

    It says more about you insularity….

    Weet Bix are KIWI kids,
    The Toyota ‘Bugger’ Ads were kiwi ads,
    and I believe Decore’ was UK

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