Tim’s NSW Senate Below The Line Vote UPDATED

Please find below an updated version of my NSW Senate how to vote.

I wish to note that I not recommending you follow this, and formally and explicitly state I urge everyone to simply vote 1 Above The Line for the Liberal/National Joint Ticket, which is Group AA. I am not recommending people vote this way. The reason I am voting this way is simply because 1)I find it fun and 2) I wish to make a statement (however small). I must stress that, under every preference model I have done that I find even remotely realistic, my votes under this numbering will still transfer, at full value, to the Coalition.

A few changes since my last one:

*I’ve bumped up Pape to number 1, simply because I looked into him more, and liked what he stands for. Plus, the LDP’s#1 history with Liberals for Forests leaves me with a somewhat uncomfortable feeling

*Family First have been bumped down for wanting a National Alcohol Commissioner

*The Secular Party has been bumped up because they’re still less communist than the Sex Party (why some people think that it’s libertarian is beyond me – enforced affirmative action in federal Parliament? give me a break!),

*I’ve pushed a few independents down on finding out they are effectivly neo-Nazi’s (the Hodges ones).. The disendorsed Liberal (David Barker) has been bumped down for political stupidity more than anything else, and Cheryl Kernot has been bumped down because, well, it’s Cheryl Kernot (switching political parties simply because you’re f**king someone in another one is simply unforgivable).

*Bumped up Hugh McDermott on JH’s advice, and also bumped up the Democrats, because JH is right in that in NSW at least they are attempting to become rather less anti-freedom than they were a few years ago.

*Communists are still ahead of Labor and The Greens because at least they’re honest.

*Bumped up Fiona Nash because obviously with her seat being the one in doubt in NSW, I’d prefer vote to go to her at full value and not at a fraction

So, here goes!

1 Independent (Ungrouped) PAPE Bryan 2 Liberal Democrats (LDP) (AF1) DRUERY Glenn 3 Liberal (AA1) FIERRAVANTI-WELLS Concetta 4 Liberal Democrats (LDP) (AF2) GABB Lucy 5 Liberal Democrats (LDP) (AF3) STITT Peter 6 The Climate Sceptics (M1) KOUTALIANOS Bill 7 The Climate Sceptics (M2) BROWN Geoffrey 8 Liberal (AA4) HUGHES Hollie 12 Nationals (AA3) NASH Fiona 9 Liberal (AA2) HEFFERNAN William 10 Shooters And Fishers (O1) MUIRHEAD Jim Gerard 11 Shooters And Fishers (O2) McGLASHAN Alistair David 13 Nationals (AA5) DENNIS Joe 14 Liberal (AA6) BILIC George 15 Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) (U1) THOMPSON Andy 16 Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) (U2) FOSTER Roland 17 Building Australia (E1) BROWN Ray 18 Building Australia (E2) O’DONNELL Michael 19 Senator On-Line (F1) BAS Wes 20 Senator On-Line (F2) ROACH Brianna 21 Family First (V1) SWANE Greg 22 Family First (V2) LAMB Phil 23 Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) (Z1) GREEN Paul 24 Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) (Z2) PEEBLES Robyn 25 Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) (Z3) NILE Elaine 26 Carers Alliance (Y1) CARTER Marylou 27 Carers Alliance (Y2) BUCKWALTER Maree 28 Australian Democrats (J1) CLANCY Fiona 29 Australian Democrats (J2) MITCHELL Jen 30 Secular Party Of Australia (N1) BRYCE Ian 31 Secular Party Of Australia (N2) WARREN Lyle Richard 32 Australian Sex Party (Q1) LEISHMAN Marianne 33 Australian Sex Party (Q2) CAMPBELL Huw 34 Australian Sex Party (Q3) ZIMMERMAN Larissa 35 Democratic Labor Party (DLP) Of Australia (P1) McCAFFREY Simon Thomas 36 Democratic Labor Party (DLP) Of Australia (P2) CULLEN Martin 37 Independent (X1) STEFANAC Jennifer 38 Independent (X2) COOLEY Tucky Tania 39 Independent (D2) FOLKES Nick 40 Independent (H1) BLOOM Nadia 41 Independent (H2) IRELAND Bede 42 Independent (L1) BELGRAVE Leon Adrian 43 Independent (L2) BEREGSZASZI Janos 44 Independent (B2) FRIER Bob 45 Independent (C1) ROBINSON Tony 46 Independent (C2) SELBY Noel 47 Independent (AE2) CANT Simon 48 Independent (R2) ZUREIK S G 49 Independent (AB1) ECKFORD Michael 50 Independent (AB2) STEVENS Criselee 51 Independent (K1) SAMPSON Meg 52 Independent (K2) HINCHCLIFFE J 53 Independent (T1) BOURKE William 54 Independent (T2) O’CONNOR Mark 55 Independent (Ungrouped) RICHARDSON Hamish 56 Independent (Ungrouped) HOOPER Norman H Joseph 57 Independent (Ungrouped) SCOTT-IRVING Stewart 58 Independent (Ungrouped) WHALAN Andrew 59 Labor (W6) McDERMOTT Hugh 60 One Nation (AC1) WEBBER Andrew 61 One Nation (AC2) BRETT John 62 Independent (AE1) KERNOT Cheryl 63 Independent (R1) BARKER David 64 Citizens Electoral Council Of Australia (I2) McCAFFREY Ian David 65 Citizens Electoral Council Of Australia (I1) BUTLER Robert H 66 Independent (D1) HODGES Darrin 67 Independent (B1) HODGES Robert 68 Socialist Equality Party (S2) ZABALA Gabriela 69 Socialist Equality Party (S1) BEAMS Nick 70 Communist (G2) KELLAWAY Brenda Anne 71 Communist (G1) LAWLER Geoff 72 Socialist Alliance (A2) ISKANDER Soubhi 73 Socialist Alliance (A1) EVANS Rachel 74 Labor (W1) FAULKNER John 75 Labor (W2) THISTLETHWAITE Matthew 76 Labor (W3) HUTCHINS Steve 77 Labor (W4) MURNAIN Anne 78 Labor (W5) SEATON Fiona 79 The Greens (AD6) KANAK Dominic Wy 80 The Greens (AD5) MORRISSEY Simone 81 The Greens (AD4) SWIFT Harriett 82 The Greens (AD3) JEGATHEESWARAN Brami 83 The Greens (AD2) McILROY Keith 84 The Greens (AD1) RHIANNON Lee

Any questions? 🙂

4 Responses to “Tim’s NSW Senate Below The Line Vote UPDATED”

  1. Rationalist Says:

    What about tactically voting in such a way to promote any minor or major party remaining in the game long enough to displace Lee Rhiannon for the last spot?

  2. Joseph Clark Says:

    I ran for Liberals for Forests :/

  3. Tim Andrews Says:

    Well, I’m annoyed at you too then! :p

  4. GH Says:

    Next time, just go to http://www.belowtheline.org.au/ and you can make a good pdf of your vote.

    My vote was very similar to yours. Don’t forget the Sex Party is for affirmative action on female politicians.

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