Tim’s Senate Prediction

Having just finished my HoR prediction, here is my one for the Senate. Can’t be bothered doing the whole explanation, but I think it’s pretty straightforward, and I doubt this will surprise anyone.

New South Wales

Coalition – 3
Labor – 2
Green – 1

Coalition – 1
Labor – 1

Coalition – 3
Labor – 2
Green – 1

Coalition – 2
Labor – 3
Greens – 1

South Australia
Coalition – 3
Labor – 3

Western Australia
Coalition – 3
Labor – 2
Green – 1

Coalition – 1
Labor – 1

Coalition – 3
Labor – 3

Coalition: 19
Labor – 17
Greens – 4

Adding this to the last half senate result, we will a Senate that comprises:

Coalition: 35
Labor: 33
Greens: 7
Ind: 1

I note this is one off Ben Raue’s (who gives one more to the Greens at the expense of the Libs in Queensland than I do. But then, you’d expect it from a dirty filthy unreputable Green like him :p)

UPDATE: Thinking about it more though,  Ben may well be right regarding Queensland. Last time around there was a big pro-Rudd element in the Labor vote, and this time a lot of disenchanted leftists with his dumping might well go Green.


3 Responses to “Tim’s Senate Prediction”

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  2. nicks Says:

    I think Greens will pick up a senator in SA from Labor as well as from Labor in QLD. I Also think there may be a family first or climate skeptic in SA at expense of Libs – but that is more unlikely.

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