A Question Of Character

It is a maxim universally accepted that character is revealed not in good times, but in bad. That it is only in times of trial & tribulation that you truly know a man, for it is in how one responds to adversity that their true nature is revealed. For when life has dealt you an unfair hand, it is how you deal with it, that reveals who you are.

So, with this in mind, let us look at recent events, and see what they tell us about the Labor Party.

How did Kevin Rudd act subsequent to his losing the Prime Ministership? Did he accept this graciously? Did he act with honour? Did he accept the decision, and act accordingly? We all know the answer is no. To the contrary, he chose to engage in leaking, and his behavior at the ‘face to face’ meeting, and general media  comments were  akin to that of a petulant child stamping their foot in a temper tantrum because they did not get what they wanted. Losing gracefully is, apparently, a concept quite alien, and instead, we get the bitter, bitter man we see before us.

Similarly, let us take Mark Latham. His histrionic, vindictive, malicious, bile-ridden tracts give great insight into who he really is as a being. As someone who, at one stage, had considerable time for Latham, I find this disappointing.  Yet it is clearly evident that his immature behavior, not to mention his vicious and disloyal attacks at people he once considered his close friends  truly is the mark of a juvenile mind. As Laurie Oakes said the, such things always come out in the end.

But perhaps worst of all is the behavior of the advisers Mr. Rudd has surrounded himself with. It is well known that Mr. Rudd inner circle consists of nothing but  lackeys, toadies, and sicophants. The end result? Rather than having the intestinal fortitude to tell him what he needs to hear (you lost, take it like a man, and work to ensure The Party wins), instead they seem to have pampered him with “I can’t buh-lieve she did that, what a total b**ch, let’s take her down. Then when she loses, you’ll be the hero”. And so the destabilization continues. Indeed, in many ways (speaking not as Liberal, but purely as an observer), it is these advisers of his that are guilty of moral turpitude even more so than Rudd, because they lack the backbone to advise him to do the right thing. There is a special circle in hell reserved for such political cowards.

The moral of the story, to Labor supporters particularly, is that The Party made the right decision in dumping these men. Because even had there been any doubt beforehand, their actions in the time following their loss demonstrated that they lacked the character to lead. Whilst everything was great when they were at their peak, as soon as things went against them, we learned what they were truly like. And that says a lot.

Because ultimately, everything always comes down to character. And when it comes to Labor Leaders, it seems that there just ain’t that much there.


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