Tim & Family Through The Ages

So, I’ve spent a large chunk of time today digitising old photos of a much younger Tim, as well as of my parents and grandparents. So much fun was had that I actually put two albums up on facebook. I assume some of you might not have facebook, however, so I thought I’d share a few of them here. Why? Because I can.

I thought this was such a cute story (even if they completely mangled my mother’s surname)

My grandfather, working at the Chullora Railyards

This would have been taken back in Poland

As you can see, I get the “attractive” genes from my father’s side of the family

My mother as a living stereotype


It is, in fact, the law in Australia that all young people get photographed with kangaroos

First day of school!

Back when I was at my peak in life. Also,it would seem that the amount of time it took me to be ‘potty trained’ is actually on the public record. Sigh.


4 Responses to “Tim & Family Through The Ages”

  1. Tim Humphries Says:

    This should be sub-titled the Wonder Years. *Theme song time*

  2. Ben Says:

    Ha. Ha. Your grandpa was very handsome and you (as much as it kills me to admit it) looked adorable Tim (lol). Good genes, to be sure.

  3. Tim Andrews Says:

    Haha thanks 🙂

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    […] a fair point, my modelling career has gone rather rapidly downhill considerably since I won Baby of The Year – I peaked too soon! ). And, of course, there are the death […]

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