How I Plan To Vote In The Senate

Unfortunately for us hacks, there are only 84 Senate candidates in NSW for us to number if we vote below the line. Very sad; was much more fun under the old rules with 250 or so.

Anyway, here’s a very, very, very tentative list of how I plan to order my vote. Feel free to convince me to otherwise (particularly if anyone knows anything about any of the indies).

Also, The Communist Party is fielding candidates again! Wee!

1 Liberal Democrats (LDP) (AF1) DRUERY Glenn 2 Liberal (AA1) FIERRAVANTI-WELLS Concetta 3 Independent (Ungrouped) PAPE Bryan 4 Liberal Democrats (LDP) (AF2) GABB Lucy 5 Liberal Democrats (LDP) (AF3) STITT Peter 6 The Climate Sceptics (M1) KOUTALIANOS Bill 7 The Climate Sceptics (M2) BROWN Geoffrey 8 Liberal (AA4) HUGHES Hollie 9 Liberal (AA2) HEFFERNAN William 10 Shooters And Fishers (O1) MUIRHEAD Jim Gerard 11 Shooters And Fishers (O2) McGLASHAN Alistair David 12 Nationals (AA3) NASH Fiona 13 Nationals (AA5) DENNIS Joe 14 Liberal (AA6) BILIC George 15 Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) (U1) THOMPSON Andy 16 Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) (U2) FOSTER Roland 17 Family First (V1) SWANE Greg 18 Family First (V2) LAMB Phil 19 Building Australia (E1) BROWN Ray 20 Building Australia (E2) O’DONNELL Michael 21 Senator On-Line (F1) BAS Wes 22 Senator On-Line (F2) ROACH Brianna 23 Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) (Z1) GREEN Paul 24 Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) (Z2) PEEBLES Robyn 25 Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) (Z3) NILE Elaine 26 Australian Sex Party (Q1) LEISHMAN Marianne 27 Australian Sex Party (Q2) CAMPBELL Huw 28 Australian Sex Party (Q3) ZIMMERMAN Larissa 29 Carers Alliance (Y1) CARTER Marylou 30 Carers Alliance (Y2) BUCKWALTER Maree 31 Democratic Labor Party (DLP) Of Australia (P1) McCAFFREY Simon Thomas 32 Democratic Labor Party (DLP) Of Australia (P2) CULLEN Martin 33 Australian Democrats (J1) CLANCY Fiona 34 Australian Democrats (J2) MITCHELL Jen 35 Secular Party Of Australia (N1) BRYCE Ian 36 Secular Party Of Australia (N2) WARREN Lyle Richard 37 Independent (X1) STEFANAC Jennifer 38 Independent (X2) COOLEY Tucky Tania 39 Independent (D1) HODGES Darrin 40 Independent (D2) FOLKES Nick 41 Independent (H1) BLOOM Nadia 42 Independent (H2) IRELAND Bede 43 Independent (L1) BELGRAVE Leon Adrian 44 Independent (L2) BEREGSZASZI Janos 45 Independent (B1) HODGES Robert 46 Independent (B2) FRIER Bob 47 Independent (C1) ROBINSON Tony 48 Independent (C2) SELBY Noel 49 Independent (AE1) KERNOT Cheryl 50 Independent (AE2) CANT Simon 51 Independent (R1) BARKER David 52 Independent (R2) ZUREIK S G 53 Independent (AB1) ECKFORD Michael 54 Independent (AB2) STEVENS Criselee 55 Independent (K1) SAMPSON Meg 56 Independent (K2) HINCHCLIFFE J 57 Independent (T1) BOURKE William 58 Independent (T2) O’CONNOR Mark 59 Independent (Ungrouped) RICHARDSON Hamish 60 Independent (Ungrouped) HOOPER Norman H Joseph 61 Independent (Ungrouped) SCOTT-IRVING Stewart 62 Independent (Ungrouped) WHALAN Andrew 63 One Nation (AC1) WEBBER Andrew 64 One Nation (AC2) BRETT John 65 Citizens Electoral Council Of Australia (I1) BUTLER Robert H 66 Citizens Electoral Council Of Australia (I2) McCAFFREY Ian David 67 Socialist Equality Party (S1) BEAMS Nick 68 Socialist Equality Party (S2) ZABALA Gabriela 69 Communist (G1) LAWLER Geoff 70 Communist (G2) KELLAWAY Brenda Anne 71 Socialist Alliance (A1) EVANS Rachel 72 Socialist Alliance (A2) ISKANDER Soubhi 73 Labor (W1) FAULKNER John 74 Labor (W2) THISTLETHWAITE Matthew 75 Labor (W3) HUTCHINS Steve 76 Labor (W4) MURNAIN Anne 77 Labor (W5) SEATON Fiona 78 Labor (W6) McDERMOTT Hugh 79 The Greens (AD6) KANAK Dominic Wy 80 The Greens (AD5) MORRISSEY Simone 81 The Greens (AD4) SWIFT Harriett 82 The Greens (AD3) JEGATHEESWARAN Brami 83 The Greens (AD2) McILROY Keith 84 The Greens (AD1) RHIANNON Lee

15 Responses to “How I Plan To Vote In The Senate”

  1. me Says:

    Is this the same Bryan Pape that lectured at UNE?

    Oh, and what is sadder than going through, preplanning and posting your below the line voting intention online is someone else then reading it!

  2. Tim Andrews Says:

    Indeed it is the very same – I know nothing about him other than that he’s a solid Federalist, hence he’s at the top of the list (if you know anythign else about him, please do enlighten me)

    And yup, we’re both pretty sad 🙂

  3. Russell Says:

    Surely Kernot should be down amongst the Socialists, just in case name familiarity gets her enough punters to risk her getting a seat. There should be a limit to how many chances a politician gets to try to be somebody new.

  4. Tim Andrews Says:

    You are quite correct, she should be.

    Also, apparently some of the other indies are neo-nazi’s (literally) and should be lower

  5. John Humphreys Says:

    Labor’s 6th candidate is a mate, and one of the better Labor types. No chance of winning anyway, so I suggest you move him up your order.

    I think you should have the Sex Party higher up, and specifically in front of the CDP. Check out their debate with Family First (available on youtube).

    Darrin Hodges is a national socialist who helped form the “protectionist party”… the closest thing we have to a fascist party in Australia.

    I think you should have the Democats higher in recognition of the work that Clinton Mead is doing to turn them more classical liberal and as a reward for preferencing straight to the Liberals in the ACT (and therefore removing any chance of a Green victory there).

    And really… they might be your enemy, but surely you agree that Labor is better than the three socialist parties (and the wacky CEC).

  6. John Sugolb Says:

    I certainly hope that if ellected, Bryan Pape is a better Senator than he was lecturer. He’s a nice enough bloke, but by no stretch of the imagination was he a favorite of many.

  7. Bryan Pape Says:

    Please see my website and suggest you down load my suggested ‘how to vote below the line’. Getting a quota of an estimated 700,000 votes “will be hard but not hopeless” to use the words of General Petraeus.

    See also John Kehoe’s article on Tuesday 3 August p.42 of the Australian Financial Review and in particular the TABLE showing the major election spending promises of both parties. many of which prima facie violate the Australian Constitution. For example Labor’s $203 million for Better Regional Cities and the Coalitions Gangs and crime fighting of $179 million.

    Bryan Pape
    0950 4/8/2010

  8. Rationalist Says:

    Does Druery have a good chance of getting up due to preference deals?

  9. Ben Says:

    I still see the LDP promoting Nazi-like Dr. Death Pill books. Yay for killing grandma! Got to be one of Australia’s weirdest parties, for sure. How does this fit in with your Christian values? At least the Liberal Party has a strong pro-life faction.

  10. Sarah Says:

    What is Nazi-like about euthanasia? That makes no sense!

    Not that I’m trying to promote the LDP. I’m all for liberalism, but cutting off disability pensions??

    Anyway, I don’t see any point in arguing with someone who puts the climate sceptics high on their preferences.

  11. Ben Says:

    Sarah said: “What is Nazi-like about euthanasia? That makes no sense!”

    Didn’t your teachers tell you about the “Tiergartenstraße 4”? If not, I’m sorry the education system let you down Sarah. It is frightening.

    I would strongly urge you to read “Forced Exit: Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide and the New Duty to Die” by Wesley J. Smith for a basic guide. In it he explores why the Nazis were the first to popularize the anti-life movement through “compassionate” movies and “compassionate” documentaries.

    People of freedom do not support the killing of “useless eaters” even if they “consent” because of self-esteem issues etc. In the Netherlands now, ladies are too scared to visit their doctor because they will be encouraged (read: pressured) to reconsider their “life situation,” to “ease” the state’s burden.

    So you see Sarah, it makes perfect sense to defend life against government-friendly businesses and the state’s useless eater policies. The so-called “Liberal Democrats” advertising Dr Death’s book ( he was an animal torturer as a child, I’m told) are fruit loops with nuts.

  12. Tim Andrews Says:

    The reason I have LDP as 1 is simple. On economics, they have the most free market policies, and economics is my vote-moving issue – far more so than things like euthanasia or abortion (which are state, not federal issues anyway). As such, my hope is a vote for the LDP would send a signal – no-matter how weak – that the Liberals need to adopt more market friendly policies.

    Having said that, I’m actually tempted to bump Bryan Pape up to one…

  13. Ben Says:

    Actually Tim, abortion is a state and federal issue (as Tony Abbott’s enemies and friends alike are quick to point out). But more importantly it is a human rights issue. Example: “The Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott says he will not approve the use of the abortion pill RU-486 in Australia.”And: “Mr Abbott has told PM he’s received advice from the Chief Medical Officer that RU-486 has a higher rate of ‘later adverse events’ that could require urgent intervention, than surgical termination.”

  14. TerjeP (say tay-a) Says:

    Tim – sorry I’m late but let me welcome you to the list of distinguished LDP voters. Can we count on you to support our immigration policy and drug policy in addition to our economic policies.

  15. plombier puteaux Says:

    plombier puteaux…

    […]How I Plan To Vote In The Senate « The musings of an Australian classical liberal in Washington DC[…]…

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