Union Advertisement Fail

The Australian Workers’ Union has come out with a campaign advertisement attacking the Coalition frontbench by comparing them to the Addams Family. Quite an amusing ad (although one I doubt shall shift many votes) but one thing about it really stuck in my craw. See if you can work out what it is:

“They’re tricky and their sneaky”. Their? THEIR?

Now, I certainly understand that the rules of grammar have become considerably more flexible in our anything-goes era, particularly with the gung-ho tendencies of internet campaigning. However, if you are going to invest a not-insubstantial amount of money in creating a video you want to go viral, shouldn’t you at least engage in some elementary form of proof-reading? Particularly because a solecism such as this is of a particularly heinous nature.

Indeed, it is not the grammatical error that annoys me (although believe me, it does), so much as the fact that the Union Bosses behind this advertisement didn’t even  bother to perform the basic courtesy to the Australian people by bothering to double-check this ad. And I think that this really does say something.

Union. Fail.


2 Responses to “Union Advertisement Fail”

  1. Ben Says:

    It is a good ad if you don’t know your political history. I like how they picked Joe Hockey to be Pugsley Addams though. (Bless.)

    Of course, it is dumb in the sense that the Addams family members were misunderstood and persecuted by outsiders. Are they saying that Liberals are misunderstood? Have they watched the TV show?

  2. TerjeP Says:

    I have struggled with the various “theirs” all my life. I know intellectually which one to use in a given context but I still fluff it with great regularity. Blogging has improved my grammar but it is I suspect a life long endeavour for me.

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