9 Responses to “Duty”

  1. Ben Says:

    Oh. My. Is that Jon English, the rock singer?

  2. Tim Andrews Says:

    It is indeed!

  3. Ben Says:

    Ha. Ha. That’s very funny (for people in Australia). Trust you to find it too.

  4. Tim Andrews Says:

    I actually watched Jon English live in Pirates, Mikado and Pinafore, back when I was a youngling…

  5. Ben Says:

    Let me guess. You were one of the boys in the schoolyard who (a) liked to play pirates and (b) had a toy sword.

    (Hope you have some friends in Customs!)

  6. Tim Andrews Says:

    No, I just happened to like musicals!

  7. Tim Andrews Says:

    Funnily enough though, when I came back from Israel a few years ago I brought a number of large daggers back with me. After declaring them, the customs agent asked their supervisor to come over. She looked at them, looked at me, and said “ahh, you don’t look like you’re in a gang, you can keep them”.

  8. Ben Says:

    The more you write the more pirate-y you sound and I’m awfully suspicious. A large number of daggers in Israel too, hey? That’s very funny. Still, I want to know where your treasure map is.

    BTW, I agree with Israeli customs. Sorry: You don’t look like a gang member. You’re just a little vanilla – or a bit too cute. But, on the plus side, some girls like that champ.

  9. TerjeP Says:

    I heard today that the ALP intends to crack down on such imports.

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