When It Is Acceptable To Drink

It is a well accepted fact that a gentleman never drinks prior to 5pm. This is just taken as a given. As with any rules, however, there are exceptions. In my mind, they are as follows (please let me know what I have missed):

1)Upon waking up after a night of drinking, it is permissible to have either a Bloody Mary, or two nips of whiskey (neat). But no more.

2)If at a formal breakfast function, it is permissible to drink champagne in Australia, but not in the U.S.

3)It is permissible to drink a bottle or two of wine at lunch if you are in the following professions: politics, the law, journalism, and finance/sales. Hard alcohol is not permitted, excepting one digestif. If you are another field of work, you’re out of luck.

4)It is permissible to drink at the airport before a flight, as well as on the flight, irrespective of the time of day.

5)Sooner break all these rules than deny yourself a drink when you really need one.


9 Responses to “When It Is Acceptable To Drink”

  1. The Italian Wine Guide: Where to Go and What to See, Drink, and Eat (Heritage Guides) | Wine Reviews Says:

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  2. Ben Says:

    Health notice: Do not get plastered on planes. On one trip from Tokyo (or was it Osaka?)to Sydney I created a bit of a scene after one too many. Let’s just say the passengers were divided on my dancing and singing skills. I’ll leave it there.

  3. MFS Says:

    When you work in the industry. How can you sell a product if you are not willing to educate yourself about it or demonstrate it to clients? I was helping to run a Whisky festival a few weeks ago and had my first dram at around 1.00pm. I had to go slowly though, the festival went until 11.00pm.

  4. MFS Says:

    So that covers two exceptions:

    6) When you work in the industry and imbibing will help you to make a sale or purchase.
    7) When you are at a festival/conference/tradeshow for alcohol products. You have to get value for money.

  5. MFS Says:

    8) You can drink in the early hours of the morning (eg 1.00am) if you haven’t been to sleep yet.

  6. Glynn Says:

    MFS, when and where was this wonderful festival?

  7. Alex Says:

    And what are the rules for ladies?

  8. TerjeP (say Taya) Says:

    4) … but not if you are the pilot.

  9. Leo Kovalensky Says:

    It is acceptable to drink at any time you like if you are a character in Mad Men.

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