Tim In Australia

As you are all well aware, I am a Very Important Blogger. As such, it is necessary to occasionally inform you – my dedicated and loyal readers – of my Very Important Activities.

It is your privilege to now know that I shall returning to grace Australia with my presence for the month of August. You may now begin to prepare the tickertape parade for my return, and arrange your own schedules accordingly.

Now, because I know you all wish to see someone Very Important like me, closer to the date I shall be providing greater detail of my plans, and where I shall be. I know all of you would wish to see me, and to listen to the great words of wisdom that I impart. Fear not, there shall be opportunities for you to listen to me talk, collect autographs, or to pose for photos with me. For I am generous in my Very Importantness.

I shall arrive in Sydney on 2 August. I plan to spend 10-13 in Canberra, 13-16 of August in Melbourne, 16-19 in Adelaide, and to fly back to the US on the 30th. Obviously these are still flexible, and may change depending on what other Very Important obligations I may have. Rest assured, I will let you know what they are, and what other Very Important meetings I have (because, after all, unless I write about the other Very Important People I’m seeing, you might forget how Very Important I myself am).


Okay, so, jibes at the nauseatingly arrogant and self-obsessed nature of the US blogosphere out of the way, can I just say how much I genuinely am looking forward to returning to Australia, albeit for only a few short weeks, and seeing all you all again. I very much have missed not only all of my friends, but the country itself. I am very fortunate to come from the greatest country on earth (anti-nationalism libertarians be damned), and it will be great to be back.

See you all soon!


One Response to “Tim In Australia”

  1. Otto Says:

    To make you look even more important when you step out the plane give a Rudd like wave or two (his trademark wave at nobody) to some empty spaces, it works for krudd. http://tinyurl.com/35p7xjt

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