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For various reasons was trawling through some old ramblings of mine, and this one made me giggle:

“April 28, 2005: I must take this opportunity to reject the slanderous allegations bandied around  USYD law school that I have completely terrorised my public international  law lecturor (and faculty pro-dean) and that he is in living fear of me. Now, I will happily concede that my questions re Pinochet case #3 may have been slightly aggressive, but its not like I said that Lord Whatshisname-hyphenated-surname went beyond even the Humpty-Dumpty school of law ( words mean what i want them to mean &c.) and developed a new doctrine where law, norms, precedent and facts are completly irrelevant and only his personal ramblings mattered. Which would have been valid. But no, I restrained.I was good. And it’s not like I stood up and started yelling at the top of my lungs.

Now, it might also be be true that every time I ask a question his eyes widen, he freezes up likie a deer in the headlights for a few seconds before lowering his head and mutterly “well yes you could  argue that, the legal community is divided” before rushing ahead, or that every time i come up to ask him something after class he scurries away as fast as possible, but this is hardly evidence of a regime of terror!
My good name has been slandered, and I am hurt that my reputation as a sensitive, nice, innocent student is being tarnished as such… And I did not shout at him. It was a perfectly  valid question. So there.”

One Response to “From The Archives”

  1. Ben Says:

    she·nan·i·gan [ shə nánnigən ] (plural she·nan·i·gans)



    1. questionable act: something that is deceitful, underhanded, or otherwise questionable ( usually used in the plural )

    2. trick or prank: a playful trick, mischievous prank, or other display of high spirits

    Shenanigans, indeed.

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