Nick Sowden, Twitter, & Party Loyalty

It is rare for me to rise in defense of an individual on my blog. It is even rarer for me to rise in defense of someone who was complicit to bitter, despicable, and underhanded attacks upon me. And who is certainly not my friend.

Yet I rise in defense of Nick Snowden against the onslaught he has received recently for making jokes on Twitter about President Obama’s heritage.

As unseemly as they comments may have been, there can be no doubt, none whatsoever, that they were intended in jest; as a piss-take about racist attitudes. I mean, we’re talking about someone who is openly gay, yet frequently tweets “homophobic” attacks on “fags”. No-one, with any knowledge of the situation, could possibly conclude it was anything other than a parody.

Yet the harpies in the media have pounced upon this, demonstrating, yet again, their lack on interest in truth, facts, or context.

This is understandable to a large degree; it is their job to muck-rake. I certainly understand this. (I merely ask what will happen once we continue down the slippery slope to its logical conclusion, and every joke, every off-the-cuff remark, will become media fodder).

What I can not – and will not- stand for, is members of the Liberal Party willing to sacrifice Mr. Sowden upon the altar of media political correctness. I will not stand by and watch the Liberal Party throw a member under the bus, just to appease the gallery gods.

Why? Because loyalty matters. As a political institution expects its members to have loyalty to it, then it must too demonstrate loyalty to its members. And as much as I may well have personal disagreements with Mr. Sowden (and believe me, I have many), I will not stand by and simply watch the Liberal Party disavow one of our own, just to sate the blood-lust of the gallery.

As such, I will say something I would have never – never – th0ught possible a year ago. And that is that I stand in solidarity with Nick Snowden. And that he has my complete support.

Why? Because loyalty matters. And that is all there is to it.


13 Responses to “Nick Sowden, Twitter, & Party Loyalty”

  1. On racism, context and political correctness « Lost in a Forest Says:

    […] sexist and racist remarks it is hard to think of him as anything but a racist. Liberal blogger Tim Andrews knows Nick and claims that the remarks were taken out of context and that the Liberals shouldnt […]

  2. Tim Quilty Says:

    If you think loyalty matters in politics, I pity you. It won’t end well. Our major parties work on chewing up and spitting out almost every young recruit. Only the biggest, most amoral (and luckiest) pricks survive to achieve their political ambitions. The vast majority are burnt out and left by the wayside, or cast aside when they’re no longer convenient. That’s just the way it is.

  3. Jack Says:

    Hi Tim, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now but never really felt the urge to comment until tonight because i know a bit more background info on the topic.

    I was in the UQ liberal club last year when I was studying journalism (I’ve since come back home to the sunnie coast and changed to science/arts) However I asked a far few of my friends in the party who he was and they said that it was good riddance to bad rubbish. Apparently he’d been expelled from the UQ liberal club last year and ran in the student union elections as part of a joint ticket with labor – called “real students.” The liberals ran under the name fresh in the election and the socialists, greens and labor left ran under the name “change.”

  4. Gio Says:

    two points:
    1) Defending somebody whom you dislike and who has harmed you in the past, because a principle is at stake, speaks volumes for your character.
    2) Nick was making his comments as a private citizen, not in the capacity of a Liberal branch representative. If the party executive had any sense of moral courage, they would have condemned his views but defended the right of the membership to speak its mind. This whole affair smells like a witch-hunt and it’s actually a bit frightening.

  5. Matt Says:

    If you want loyalty – buy a dog.

  6. Ben Says:

    I too think that it is despicable to claim that Nick is racist. He clearly isn’t.

    That said, Nick blamed the TEA Party, Fox News and right-wing Americans for his comments. So are we to give our loyalty to anti-conservatives?

    As a wise man once said: “Good riddance to bad rubbish.” Did you see him on the 7PM project? Or hear him on ABC News? He is worse than Turnbull.

    (Note: Yes, yes, I know all rubbish by definition is bad.)

  7. Ben Says:

    PS> As a Christian, I believe that loyalty to man is secondary to time-honoured principles. See the New Testament.

  8. Jake the Muss Says:

    Jack, Tim and I are quite aware of Mr Sowden and his exploits. Tim knows all too well Mr Sowden’s more unpleasant character traits.

    …they were once lovers.

    HAHA ok that bit is a lie.

    As others have said, there is a principle involved. I think my take on this is slightly different to Tim, however no matter what you think of a man, expulsion within hours of an action, with no natural justice, is no way for an organisation to ethically behave.

  9. David Jackmanson Says:

    Well calling Mr Obama is certainly racist IMO, whether it’s meant that way or not. But if you’ve fought this guy in the LNP and are prepared to say he had no racist intention, that’s fairly good evidence.

    However I’ve learnt that if you say even the most obviously outrageous and absurd things with a straight face, some people will take you at face value. Anyone aspiring to influence public affairs should be aware of this, and it’s a sign of incompetence to not be. If you need a Twitter account to vent and be off-colour among friends, create a private account as well as a public one.

    Expulsion does seem a bit rough. A severe reprimand would have been done – I think he did bring the LNP into disrepute. (Disclosure – my politics are far left so the interests of the LNP aren’t my top priority)

    So, he made a racist remark, it was at best a very dumb thing to do. Don’t have a lot of sympathy with him.

    But what frustrates me is how this became the biggest issue out of President Obama’s interview. It shouldn’t be. People should make sure his comments are on record, do a few blog posts to get the comments high on Google when you search for his name, and so on. But then the matter should be put to one side, only to re-surface when he runs for preselection.

    Although it was a softball interview with not much to chew on, there were some big issues that bloggers could have followed up on. For instance, here’s my article about following up leads from Mr Obama’s remarks on energy policy.

    It would be interesting to meet other bloggers who are interested in trying to make substantial stories like this more popular, in a way that could distract people from anger at people like Sowden once it becomes useless.

  10. Scott Says:

    Good article Tim,

    I am a firm believer in deontological ethics, and I had been quite sure that the Liberal Party represents my view in that regard until now.

    It’s unfortunate the poor bloke ended up under a bus when you look at the comments on twitter made by those of the left. Hopefully the party will reflect on the events once the issue dies down and make amends.


  11. Why Nick Sowden Should NOT Have Been Expelled From The LNP « The musings of an Australian classical liberal in Washington DC Says:

    […] be fair to say that after Nick Sowden was expelled from the Liberal Party and I posted a rather spirited defense of him, I received a flurry of emails by persons wondering why on earth I would do such a thing. After […]

  12. Eloise. Says:

    Interesting blog, I have to say, this is the most intelligent piece of work I have read on Nick.

    As his sister, yes gasp!, I’ve been finding it very interesting to read the comments and stories that have been put out by the media. As someone who actually knows what is going on with Nick’s life (especially in regards to the UQLC) none of the stories depicting Nick have been balance. On the contrary, the commentators have been people who are factionally aligned against Nick and it doesn’t leave much to the imaginiation as to who would have ‘leaked’ the tweets to the press and what sort of back story they would have given.

    In regards to Jack’s comment:
    “Apparently he’d been expelled from the UQ liberal club last year and ran in the student union elections as part of a joint ticket with labor – called “real students.” The liberals ran under the name fresh in the election and the socialists, greens and labor left ran under the name “change.”” – True, but not quite all the story. ‘Fresh’ are an interesting group of people. I will not stoop to their level and directly slander, but its interesting that a group of people who seem to know their way around hacking personal emails, who go against constitutions of their own clubs and pretend to be others on news sites (such as vex news) to dirty the name of others, can be so highly respected and BELIEVED. Their ‘faction’, if you will, if full of underachieving, unintelligent ‘people’ who have probably said more racist and sexist remarks seriously than Nick has in his life.

    Anyway, kudos for this blog and the other, for keeping it balanced and not simply regurgitating the news. Whilst I realise there is an underlying distaste for my brother, it is great to see someone realise that while he may have been expelled for other reasons (I don’t seem to know these), this was probably just the scapegoat to open the floodgates for minor infractions being the be-all-end-all. Really, I think Nick’s biggest, idiotic mistake here was not making an ‘alias’ for his satirical tweets, or at the very least protecting them and screening who was to read them.

  13. Jack Says:

    All I was doing was contributing what I had heard about the story. I only went to a few UQLC meetings and they were messy affairs where people were screaming at each other, quoting the constitution, and accusing others of theft.

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