Are You A Christian, or Actually a Heretic?

In the first few centuries AD, there were numerous debates within the Christian Church as to the precise nature of Christ. These were resolved in the early ecumenical councils, and are accepted by the Eastern Orthodox Church (excluding the Oriental “Orthodox”), the Catholic Church, the Anglican/Episcopalian Church, and virtually all Protestant Denominations.

These were debates that gripped the entire religious world, and have deeply profound implications for humanity.

But I’m curious. How many people who consider themselves Christians would actually get the exact nature of Christ/the Trinity right? How many people actually have orthodox doctrine?

So, I created a short questionnaire with some basic questions about Christ & the Trinity. I’d be very interested to see the results, and, again, these are all basic, fundamental, core doctrines accepted by all mainline Christians, so there should be nothing controversial/difficult here.

Due to silly security restrictions, I can’t seem to embed the questions into wordpress, but click here to do the survey – will only take a few minutes, and I’ll post the results and crosstabs in a few days!

11 Responses to “Are You A Christian, or Actually a Heretic?”

  1. Ben Says:

    RE: Survey question No. 2 – “Do you attend church”?

    Theologically speaking, we are the church. *People don’t attend a building called a church – they are the church. This is Christianity 101. From an historical point of view, I’m pretty sure the idea of going to a building called a church stems from the days of Constantinople. The Sabbath was actually on a Saturday, but that’s beside the point, in light of the fact that the early Christians met on a daily basis.

    Sure, there’s nothing wrong with going to good services – but the West’s Sunday Service culture has little to do with fellowship as Christ’s disciples understood it. Once upon a time it was a feast; today it looks more like a chore. Now you’re a smart guy – so I’m thinking this is a trick question, right? Or are you a….heretic?

    * Note we Protestants study our Bibles.

  2. Ben Says:

    PS> Now go – and sin no more.

  3. Tim Andrews Says:

    Ben, you are quite correct. My apologies for attempted simplification.

  4. Ben Says:

    For Book Worms:

    A little off topic. Halfway through The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism by Max Weber. Wikipedia: “It has recently been suggested that Protestantism has indeed influenced positively the capitalist development of respective social systems not so much through the ‘Protestant ethics’ but rather through the promotion of literacy.”

  5. Tim Humphries Says:

    There should be a disclaimer clause in the introduction of the survey to say that survey results won’t be used for persecution related purposes 🙂

  6. Ben Pacini Says:

    I’m intrigued. The early church councils that you refer to (and their conclusions) occurred near the 4th century AD. So when you say “others aren’t Christian” what you mean is “others aren’t 4th century Christian.” In other words, we may be heretics, but only according to the early church councils. Am I understanding you right?

  7. Coralie Says:

    Your survey Tim discounts the human nature of Jesus. To be a true Christian (IMHO) is to believe in Jesus the man. Even if he didn’t exist it is what he represented ie: human kindness and love of fellow man. If a man like Jesus came among us today, we wouldn’t crusify him physically, but we would mentally.

    Didn’t Jesus say we are all children of God?
    Didn’t Jesus simplify the Ten Commandments by saying if we do one thing, if you love, you will fulfil the whole law.
    Why does man go out of his way to complicate everything.

    Love is inside us, not in buildings. Not in a badge we wear on our chest.

  8. Mojo Says:

    This is the most poorly written quiz I’ve ever read. Learn to read and write before making another one, thanks!

  9. Ben Says:

    Hey, Mojo – that’s a bit harsh. I only took issue with one question (because I’m a pissy Protestant) but it made me think and that’s not a bad thing. Now go – and sin no more. Yes, you too. On your bike.

  10. Jacques Chester Says:

    The true nature of the trinity so occupied the early christian mind that they felt it necessary to wage extremely vicious and uncivilised wars upon each other over what is, basically, retarded hair-splitting.

    Really. It was quite bloody awful. If it wasn’t for Constantine you’d be asking people about the nature of Mithras or castigating atheists for not offering up to Jove.

  11. Isaac Says:

    Cool idea, can you email me the results? Thanks.

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