The Catholic Church, Pope Benedict, & Abuse

With the amount written about it in the last week, I thought it is fitting for me to make a few short notes on the attacks on Pope Benedict XVI.

Those who know me would be aware that I am generally rather critical of the Church of Rome, and their many innovations since they split away from the Church of Christ 1000 years ago. With that having being said, however, I can not stand idly by be silent on the vitriolic abuse by ultra-liberals being spewed at Pope Benedict XVI.

I should begin by noting that obviously every instance of abuse is deplorable, and the Church of Rome has made numerous mistakes (to put it rather mildly) in their handling of the issue in the past. And I certainly think the Church of Rome’s institutional culture, combined with the modern innovation of clerical celibacy, is to blame to a large degree.

With that being said, however, it is clear beyond all doubt that the attacks on Pope Benedict XVI are without any substance whatsoever, a fact conceded by even those who have been previously scathing in their criticism of the Roman Church.

So why the attacks on Benedict? What is this all about, at its core? The thing is, this really, this isn’t about abuse in the Church of Rome. Not in the slightest. Rather, it is an act of desperation by an alliance of militant-atheists and a dying out breed of ultra-liberal Catholics opposed to the moves by the CoR to return, at least somewhat, to traditional values.

The reason atheists hate the CoR is obvious. Through standing firm to traditional Christian values – saying abortion is a sin, following the teachings of Christ on homosexuality, and opposing modern nihilism, they are an anathema to ‘progressive’ reformers. And so the hatred against this institution of a billion people – with more joining every day (as they flee the joke that the CoE has become) must really be potent.

But it isn’t just the atheists who are part of this anti-Benedict Crusade. Ultra-liberal Catholics too are joining in. Why? Because for much of the last half century, the Church of Rome has been dominated by a band of liturgical liberals. The tragic abuse of the Liturgy propagated by the Novus Ordo, and the persecution of practitioners of the traditional rite is nothing short of disgraceful. The fact that clergy are still attacked for fundamentals like ad orientum ought to be an outrage to all Christians worldwide, and the replacement of traditional prayer and solemn worship by dancing girls and puppets (seriously, click on the link and be horrified) is just mindboggling.

But the thing is, this wave of new-age ultra-liberal Catholic reformers is, well, dying out. Their members are all aging, and the younger generation (fortunately) has the brains to realise it’s, well, all a load of c**p. The Church of Rome is gradually returning to its traditional liturgical roots, and the present Pontiff is at the forefront of this resuscitation in traditional liturgical values. And it is precisely because Pope Benedict stands for a return to the liturgical practices of millennia that he is hated so.

This smear campaign, with no substance whatsoever, is little more than the last gasp of ultra-liberal radicals. A breed dying throughout the world, with little support, little power, and only hate to keep them going.

It really is a disgrace.

All traditionalists ought join in supporting the Pontiff, despite our disagreements with him, and express our support for the numerous positive changes he has brought upon the Church of Rome.

Because traditionalist solidarity matters.


10 Responses to “The Catholic Church, Pope Benedict, & Abuse”

  1. Jeremy B Says:

    Well put Tim. The courage and openness you have demonstrated with these comments is the diametric opposite of the cowardly and dishonest attacks on the Pope.

  2. Justin Says:

    1. Put adjectives such as ‘ultra’ and ‘militant’ in front of your opponents, lest anyone missed from the context of your article that you think they’re extremists.
    2. Post one article from a biased source which attacks other sources for being compromised.
    3. Post another where the author acknowledges in the comments section that Benedict is now, at the very least, harbouring people such as Law who turned a blind eye to abuse in plum Vatican appointments.
    4. Conveniently gloss over the (more substantial) Munich allegations.
    5. Apply a different standard to Cardinals who can’t control their diocese than to Ministers who can’t control their department (cf Garrett).
    Check, check, check, check and check. I’m not saying the Pope covered anything up, but your argument has the structural integrity of a strawhouse in Haiti.

  3. B. P. M. Says:

    Not touching your views on the Church itself because obviously I vehemently disagree, but your comments re: progressives and the liturgy are spot on.

  4. Ben Says:

    I think the media is really enjoying this. It is a distraction from sexual abuse issues within the United Nations.

  5. Ben Says:


    Headline: “U.N. Mum on Probes of Sex-Abuse Allegations”

    Wall Street Journal reports:”But interviews and U.N. documents show the problem continues. Sexually related allegations against U.N. military forces last year rose 12% to 55; some of the allegations involved minors.”

  6. IS Says:

    In one hand the modernists (liturgical & theological liberals) want the Holy Father to stay out of ‘their Vatican II reforms’ and ‘withdraw his hold on the church hierarchy’. Yet they blame him personally for individual incidents in individual parishes and dioceses.

    Just check out the Australian ferals here

  7. Caleb Says:

    I miss Benedict, he at least recognized evolution as a fact. This is not progress.


    […] sexual abuse can be used as political tools, by militant atheists. Or as the brilliant Tim Andrews argues: I should begin by noting that obviously every instance of abuse is deplorable, and the Church of […]

  9. trinna Says:

    Ha ha! Coming from a large mick family, with a father who could never reconcile with Vatican 2 (and even saying mass in English!) I can only say to Catholic Church of today – Good luck and see you later!

    Since my father died many years ago, every other person in the Catholic mafia (and yes we are an extensive network) from the elderly right down to young-ens are leaving in droves.
    This can be attributed to various factors:
    1) The knowledge that most male and female members of my large extended family know of, or experienced themselves, serious abuse from their Catholic clergy (which was never properly dealt with). You talk about unsubstantiated rumour, I can name predator priests who felt up 12 year old boys after Phys-ed class. When every complaint about this is covered up, paid off or goes unheard, after decades, I can see why people want to take it to the top. The Pope has the robes, the glory and adoration. He can also have the ultimate responsibility for his flock of abusive men and women – do not try to tell me he had no knowledge of any abuse in his time. And still he refuses to deal with it.
    2) the most intelligent and communicative priests leaving in despair (what does that say about their chosen path?)
    3) The matriarchs – my mother, aunts and many friends mothers in their 70s and 80s no longer able to tolerate the sexism and silence of their beloved faith.

    To you (not a Catholic), your conservative ideology is enough to call us all rabid liberals (oh how my aging mother would giggle at that!). To us, who have lived and breathed hypocrisy, inaction and an ego-driven hierarchy of deceit and alienation it is a foregone conclusion that this church has no idea who we are or what we seek.
    You talk about puppets and dancing girls. I know about married women forced by their church into having so many children they have to have hysterectomies.

    The Traditional Catholic Church, in your call for solidarity, will still live on, but shall slowly sink into obscurity as it looses the it’s best and brightest (Just how many 30 year old Catholic priests do you know Tim?). My prediction is that it will become as relevant and widespread in 200 years time as the Amish.
    You can have a medieval organisation which continues to deny the rights of its people and would rather stick to fabricated creations of faith, or you can have longevity and a spiritual compass in an enlightened world.

    It is impossible to have both.

  10. zegez Says:

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