Can Someone Please Explain All These Stories on Anti-Indian Racism in Australia?

I don’t get it – I really don’t.

I will concede there might be some pockets of racism in Australia- but against Indians?!?!? And leading to violence?!?!?


Can someone who currently lives in the country please explain to me what on earth is going on?


8 Responses to “Can Someone Please Explain All These Stories on Anti-Indian Racism in Australia?”

  1. Tinos Says:

    Indians are awesome. They drive the taxis & fill the slurpee machines!

    Actually the GP I went to looked Indian. I guess they’re a diverse bunch.

  2. Richard Says:

    Just read this if you haven’t already –

    It’s just the normal crazy PC stuff, where the media and the police won’t report all the facts. In the majority of the cases, the “racists” are not white Australians, but other ethnics groups.

  3. Jacques Chester Says:

    Two words:


  4. David Says:

    I believe it is mainy over representation by the media.

    For example, last week was a public holiday in Australia. Probably our biggest public holiday of the year. As you can imagine there would have been alot of partying, drinking etc, but the ONLY incident i heard of in the news was one where two indians were assaulted. Surely this isnt the only thing that happened, but it got all/most of the attention by the media.

  5. Rocky Says:

    And It Was In The News Some Indian Guy Staged A Racism Attack To Claim Insurance

  6. sienko Says:


    The rate of assaults on young Indian men in particular is fairly high.

    Indians come out to Oz with little cash. They live in places like Broady and Sunshine and get assaulted along with much of the rest of the populace.

    The underlying story is that there are big chunks of major Australian cities that are dangerous. We have our Anacostias. The police won’t admit it and avoid releasing crime stats. The Indians are copping this full force.

  7. JaketheMuss Says:

    The indian community groups should align themselves behind the movement to remove the Govt abrogation of an individuals right to self defense and carry implements to allow self defense.

  8. Australian Says:

    JaketheMuss – I don’t know where you’re writing from, but there is NOT a movement to allow carrying of weapons in Australia. On the contrary, the general feeling is that we don’t want to go anywhere near the situation in America. The proliferation of weapons doesn’t lower crime, it aggravates the situation.

    As to the matter of attacks on Indian men – they are no different from attacks on other young men, ie. the demographic most likely to be attacked anyway. It was more a matter of reporting than anything else, not least in India’s tabloid press. Yes, racism exists here – as in every country in the world! But most of this was a media beat-up. And as someone else mentioned, the assumption was always that any Indian who got beaten up must have been attacked by Anglo-Saxon Australians. One, it wasn’t so, and two, “Australian” and “Anglo-Saxon” are not synonymous. It’s a multi-ethnic country.

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