Menzies House: A Revolutionary Opportunity For Australia’s Centre-Right

By now, I’m sure most of you would have read about Menzies House, whether on Facebook/Twitter, or through the hit-piece written by Christian Cur in today’s Oz, and would be aware that I am part of the Editorial Board for said site.

Menzies House has been a project I’ve been working on for some time now, and is the culmination of thoughts I initially had with the never-launched Rebuild The Libs project. Set to launch on Jan 30, I believe it has the potential to significantly transform Australian politics.

At it’s core, Menzies house is to be a grassroots group blog for all conservative/libertarian/classical-liberal/generally centre-right thinkers and activists in Australia. It is an opportunity for differing voices to speak their mind, and become more engaged with the mainstream political process. It is not a partisan project, and many contributors we have lined up already are not members of the Liberal Party, and indeed, are active in other parties, such as the LDP &c (I should note at this point that while the site was initially started up and funded by the very-solid Senator Bernardi, he has no editorial control over the content of the site).

I firmly believe that Menzies House has the opportunity to radically influence Australian political debate, by giving voice to grassroots members of the centre right coalition outside of political parties. As such, we shall finally have a vibrant debate over the future of Australia, and have a credible alternative to leftist sights such as ABC’s unleashed (which remains, disgracefully, funded by taxpayer dollars).

I shall not drone on about why I think this is crucial to our success, nor on the spectacular results Conservative Home and other similar sites overseas have received – I am sure you would all be aware of this by now. However, I would like to strongly urge anyone even loosely identified with the right to send in a submission – you can do this by emailing me at tandrews followed by the at symbol and then Also, I strongly urge you all to become a “fan” of Menzies House on Facebook , and to follow @MenziesHouse on Twitter!

Together, we shall create a revolution! 🙂

15 Responses to “Menzies House: A Revolutionary Opportunity For Australia’s Centre-Right”

  1. RobertC Says:

    I am proud to have donated to this great initiave, and I hope it actually gets off the ground this time.

  2. B. P. M. Says:

    I’m still very cynical about this being non-partisan – the article even described it as “party-aligned”. Good luck with it though.

  3. Tim Andrews Says:

    We have contributions in the first week from both the LDP and the Climate Skeptics Party.
    It is NOT partisan!

  4. B. P. M. Says:

    I don’t know who Christian Cur is.

    I’m cynical because I believe a lot of this stuff will inevitably end up defending Liberal Party policy and the party line (as a lot of the closer-aligned thinktanks do for the Repubs in the US — and look at the name of it!).

    (Also, I hate the term ‘centre-right’, it’s an excuse for abandoning principles at the first opportunity to appeal to the centre, but that’s neither here nor there)

    But as I said, I wish you luck.

  5. T Gush Says:

    It is time that we have a place to voice and hear consevative thoughts and ideas.

  6. Kerr's Cur Says:

    Is this the same Christian Cur that was arrested for playing with himself in the back of a taxi in South Australia and wrote anonymous smears as Hillary Bray? If so, why does anyone take him seriously?

  7. Jacques Chester Says:

    You’d have done better if you’d found independent funding (websites are cheap to set up) and not done the foolish attempt at “buzz”. Catallaxy is already taking the piss out of you with its current slogan, which is hardly a good start.

    Websites you’re modelling, like conservativehome and redstate, were successful through organic growth, not through marketing gimmicks.

    As for Kerr, he only picked up on the story because commenters at Club Troppo did all the legwork for him.

  8. sef Says:

    There’s a peculiar conservative obsession with having been “silenced”.

    Henderson, Bolt, Ackerman, et al write column after column to that effect — the classic target is the ABC, which has taken to the most oblique of all censorship tactics, employing most of them.

    My point here is that they aren’t being silenced. Frankly, as a right-winger, I’m embarrassed by three-quarters of the shit that comes from our side of the fence. There are grounds to lock out 3/4 of it for editorial reasons alone. But someone will always print it, or air it, or show it, and so that’s what has come to pass for right-wing opinion in the public eye.

    Lazy, grubby writing.

    I reckon you’re onto a great idea, Tim, but a few suggestions:

    1. Run a strict editorial policy
    2. Don’t let it be turned inwards into a bullied kids’ support group: tight, persuasive and ambitious writing will do the right a lot more benefit than articles entitled ‘Why Australia Does Not Need A Bill of Rights’, ‘Why I am A Really Big Fan of Hayek’ or ‘One Thousand Dry Words on Economic Reform’.
    3. Don’t claim to be the leading anything until you arguably are.

  9. B. P. M. Says:

    I’m embarrassed by a lot of what passes for right-wing thought in this country too, Sef. A lot of it is pretty much populism without any intellectual substance, or party line apology, or scare campaigning, or a mixture of both.

    Can I add an extra suggestion, Tim, to Sef’s (despite the fact I won’t be writing – combination of me being too radical and me being too cynical):

    4. If your word limit is 6-700 words, it’s too short. If you really want your contributions not to be shallow, and not to be same old same old, then you need to mix it up and have a few longer ones in there so that your authors have the space to elaborate upon their arguments.

  10. B. P. M. Says:

    Oh yeah, and I 100% second the ‘strict editorial control’ idea. I’m a former professional editor and I’ve cringed over the quality of many articles I’ve read in political publications.

  11. Ralph Buttigieg Says:


    Tim, I thought about doing something like this some time ago but never got around to it. Although I was thinking more along the lines of a Ning group.

    Anyway I’m just going to wait to see what it looks like. I refuse to make any critical comment at this stage nor offer any unsolicited advice. But If its any good I certainly DO hope its populist. If you really want to make a difference you have to connect with the average bogan, other wise it will just be a big intellectual wank.



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  13. Gerard Says:

    Can’t we put Menzies behind us once and for all? And if it’s not partisan, why is it named after him? Who’s going to think it’s anything but a Liberal Party-run royalty-worshipping outfit with a name like that? And what’s this “House” thing? And “Centre-Right” … !? I’d suggest you forget about any self-labelling and couch a concise statement of what you stand for, e.g., freedom of the individual with minimal encroachment of the state (or whatever), basically anything that encapsulates a determination to unseat the imbecilia, inertia, and political correctness that this country’s been drowning in for some decades now.

    And PLEASE spell “its” correctly.

  14. Jacko Says:

    I hope you don’t copy-edit it. What’s a “web sight”?

  15. Jenny Bell Says:

    In mid September , I emailed politcians & friends with a piece about the Govt inadequacies .it went viral , have had over 1800 emails & more than 210 phone calls & my dining room table is overed in snail mail , al from ordinary Aussies , but NOT ONE politician hasbothered to answer !Many a varied topics were covered ..and in all of that, had only 5 respondants who disagreed with what I wrote !
    Of the emails , some came from UK, USA , Nth America & Austria & South Africa ..but neither side of politics .bothered ! Shows the contempt they hold the opinions of ordinary Australians in !!!!

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