Dear Americas Future Foundation…

Dear Americas Future Foundation,

Had I a heart, you would have well and truly broken it by now. Having raised my hopes so high, you have dashed them cruelly against the rocks. My dreams of DC now lie in tattered ruins.

You had so much promise when we first became involved. I really thought this relationship would work. You promised to pit the best and the brightest libertarians and conservatives in a no holds barred ‘roundtable’ fight for the future of the movement. Challenging arguments & debates to the death. What was there not to love?

And yet, they were lies. All lies. Instead, what have you provided. A series of banal ‘panel discussions’, where the only disagreement between participants is what color tie they should wear. A love-in where all sit around, try to outdo each other on who can agree with the other panallists the most.  It would not surprise me if the participants  at one point will pull out a guitar, slap on a tie-dyed t-shirt, link arms and start singing Kumbaya, We Love The World, or something equally nauseating. When the only interesting thing that happens at AFF are the arguments in the smokers alley outside, you know you have a problem!

Now AFF, listen to me carefully: we are from the right. We care little for happy-clappy love-ins. If we wanted to be nice, we would join the latest incarnation of the liberal democratic care-bear caucus.

We want to see conflict. Bloodshed. Core. If we come to see a debate, we want to see a THROWDOWN!

Until a panel participants is crushed and humiliated , until they are impaled and destroyed, until they have their genatalia ripped out and handed to them on a silver platter (well, if they are male, and lets face it, all of yours seem to be) we shall not be satisfied (although, as an added bonus, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to see a few chairs thrown). We do not want to hear ‘calm debate’. Rather, we want invective filled diatribes! Until the day that an AFF Panelist leaves the room a bloody almost-corpse, tears streaming from their face, and wondering if they shall go on living anymore, YOU HAVE FAILED!

And I mean, it’s not like you have any shortage of interesting topics. You can easily exploit the libertarian/conservative divide. We’re in a movement where everyone hates each other – you don’t even need to call on the ancappers for help! Heck  “We should abandon the GOP”, “Sarah Palin is a force for good” or “Huckabee: Nice guy who for the sake of the movement deserves to be taken into a back alley and shot” would all create vigorous debate  (actually, scrap that last one, I doubt you’ll get a decent speaker for the negative)

You wonder why so few people come these days? Well, this is the reason. So, if you want to change, and actually continue to exist 2 years from now, forget the Queensbury rules, and replace them with a fight to the death. Actually have proper debates. And until you change and embrace this, you won’t be seeing me again.


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