My Blog: One Year On

It has now been exactly one year since I began this blog.

Since that fateful day, I have made 302 posts, have received 97,851 pages views (dammit, just missed out on breaking 100K) and received 1,642 comments (not to mention all the comments on FB by everyone who annoyingly reads it there, meaning it isn’t counted as ‘hits’ on WordPress *bastards*).

In the course of the year, I’ve received good publicity on talkback radio and in other blogs, and, of course, I have been roundly attacked in the Australian media, a joke of mine making national TV news and newspaper, and even had the Prime Minister of Australia questioned about it in a press conference. And, of course, become the most popular blog in Australia written by a Young Liberal (a feat of slightly less significance when you realise there actually aren’t any others, but still!)

All in all, a good year for my ego.

With that in mind, I thought it appropriate to recap on the year that was.

This was the post I launched my blog with :

After several weeks now of contemplating the matter, I have finally decided to start up a blog.

I do not hesitate to acknowledge my limitations as a writer – I’ve always felt my communication comparative advantage lies in public speaking – and certainly I’m realistic enough to know that my musings shall not become particularly widely-read. However, the thrill of the political atmosphere here in Washington has jolted me out of my intellectual rut, and I’m quite convinced that this is the way to go.

My point, by the way, in doing this is not so much as to spread my thoughts to the world, but rather is of a somewhat more internal (and selfish) nature.

Essentially I want to work on improving my writing, and I think the rigor – and outlet – of a blog shall force me to overcome my intellectual laziness somewhat and actually work. Secondly, I’ve become convinced that putting pen to paper (so to speak) forces you to analyze ideas at a far deeper level than simply internal thought (not to mention that by becoming engaged in the online ‘conversation’ you can be far more stimulated and interact at a far deeper level, learning off people you wouldn’t have the chance to in person.

So, in my trademark alcoholic style, I propose a toast to this new endevour; to stimulation and to intellectual growth!


So. Have I achieved my goals?

Yes and no. I think my writing has certainly improved, as has my mental discipline, and I think that my blog has succeeded in having an effect (however small) on the Australian political discourse. All of these are good things.

In the negative, my writing remains too political bomb-throwery. In the year ahead I’d like to expand past politics to other topics firstly, but also, attempt to write some more balanced analyses.  I’m assuming I’m able to do things other than scribe rabid attacks and calls to arms, so, let us see.

However, thank you to all of you masochistic enough to regularly read this blog, to comment, and berate me when I’m being silly. You have all been very, very much appreciated!

To conclude, though, I thought I’d link to my favourite posts of the last year. Why? Because I can!

(Note: I havn’t included in here things that were originally written for work. Because there’s a lot more awesome-tim stuff there!)


The Way Forward: A Lesson From Australia (my first major attack on Turnbull)

Tim’s Youtube Rant (dear God I was drunk. And get progressively more so. Part 2 gets pretty funny)

Conservatism, Libertarianism, and the Liberal Party

Intellectual Rot In The Centre-Right

Tim’s Secret Anti-War Article Released

An Open Letter to Barry O’Farrell

How To Achieve Free Market Success in Australia

How I plan to dedicate my life to reforming Australian politics

The Liberal Party Resignation Letter I never Sent

RIP Big Media: An In Depth Look At How Van Jones, Tea Parties & ACORN Destroyed Big Media Credibility (I was quite proud of the research for this one)

Why I feel sympathy for John Della Bosca

Why Turnbull MUST Be Deposed (I bury the hatchet into Turnbull)

EXCLUSIVE: Full Breakdown Of Joint Partyroom Meeting ETS Votes (another post I’m especially proud of collecting the information for)

How To Defeat Labor’s Internet Censorship: A Liberal Hack’s Perspective

Personal Thought/Introspective Tim

The Joy of Argument & The Tyranny of the Pastels

The Fetish Of Happiness & The Damning Of The Different: My Indictment On Modern Society

Running On Thin, Cracking Ice (or, another self-indulgent whine)

Addiction Is A Choice


Glenn Moon Techno Remix (hehehe!)

My comments on “the scandal”

Monday Morning Music: A Tribute To Communism

An Ode To The Soft-Boiled Egg


9 Responses to “My Blog: One Year On”

  1. Jake The Muss Says:

    It’s not the only blog written by a young liberal Tim. I can think of at least three others.

  2. Tim Andrews Says:

    What others are there? Beccy shut hers down, as did immanuel, you’ve quit, justin doesn’t blog anymore, will posts once every 6 months so didn’t really count it, same with danny. So who?

  3. Tim Humphries Says:

    His name is MothyPress and he blogs quality not quantity 😀

  4. Tim Andrews Says:

    You’re LNP. That’s different. :-p

  5. Tim Humphries Says:

    I opposed the merger btw and will be a Federalist Liberal till my dying breath.

  6. Tim Andrews Says:

    Tim Humphries – our man on the inside! :-p

  7. Tim Humphries Says:

    I must join the Samuel Griffith Society at some stage in the near future.

  8. B. P. M. Says:

    I’m starting up again soon Tim, I thought you knew this? Now that I’m a *former* hack, the problems that made me shut my blog down aren’t going to be a problem.

  9. Jake the Muss Says:

    I’ve quit? That’s interesting, I wasn’t aware of that. I wish you had’ve told me that yesterday when I RENEWED my membership. Note, not joined, renewed.

    It’s also interesting considering most people who think I quit get that from the blog post YOU made which WE discussed WHERE I SAID THAT I HADN’T QUIT!

    How somebody can go to the US and become more of a retard I have no idea.

    And the YLNP are part of the YOung Liberals.

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