Help Me, Oh Readers, You’re My Only Hope!

To continue the theme in my previous post about my being interested in new experiences and so forth, I have a stunning confession to make: I’m a-kinda getting sick of politics.

This might come as somewhat of a shock to you all -after all, I live and breath the stuff – but allow me to explain. Essentially I’m getting bored of the fact that pretty much all I read and talk about these days is politics.

Oh, please do not get me wrong. I’m certainly not losing interest in politics per se – I could never live without the adrenaline rush it generates, nor the joy found in solving the ‘puzzle’. But I feel particularly in terms of my online reading at least, it’s time to expand.

See, the problem I face is that that of the ~175 blogs I’m subscribed too, very few of them are particularly interesting. I mean there are only so many ways you can say “freedom is good”, and, quite frankly, I know all the libertarian talking points. I do not need them repeated over and over again in different formats, which is what most blogs seem to do. Of course they’re useful in terms of letting me know the news and all that, but I would like more than that.

I am looking for more blogs to follow that fall into one of two categories:

I want to read more material that actually makes me think. Something, not necessarily political, that actually challenges/stimulates me. There are a couple of blogs I follow at the moment that do this – even some political ones – but I certainly would like more. In particular though, some that are not on politics/economics.

In the alternate, I wish to read blogs whose writing I actually enjoy. And I mean actually enjoy for the writing, not for the point. There are so few people out there who actually write well. I mean the sort of writing where you can just read a sentence and smile at how brilliantly constructed it is. Where it has a lasting impact upon you. I think that of all the blogs I currently read, maybe 3 would fall into this category so far? And I happen to like and appreciate good writing!

So – who should I follow who I’m currently not following? Who should I read? Considering most of the best articles I read these days come from friends GReader shared items, I’m sure you’ll all know some! Any suggestions?

To assist you in this quest, please find after the jump a list of who I currently read via Google Reader:

Ace of Spades HQ
Ad Orientem
Agora DC
Ambit Gambit
Americans for Tax Reform RSS
An Onymous Lefty
An und für sich
Andrew Bolt
Andrew Norton
Antony Green’s Election Blog
AOI Observer
Australian Conservative Blog
Big Government
Boing Boing
Cafe Hayek
Catholicism and Liberty
Cato @ Liberty
Chapter 5
Cheeky Geekery
Christ is in our midst!
Civil Tongues
Club Troppo
Cory Bernardi
Crampton’s shared items
Crunchy Con
Culture Revisited
Dana Loesch
Danny R Haynes
Dave Weigel
Defending People
Downsizing the Federal Government
Eli’s Coffer
Embracing Absurdity
Extreme Capitalists
Extreme Capitalists
eye of the storm
First Friday Collective
First Thoughts
Fr. John Whiteford’s News, Comments, & Reflections
FR33 Agents
Gateway Pundit
Geekologie – Gadgets, Gizmos, and Awesome
Gene Healy
Glory to God for All Things
Good, Bad, and Bogus
Improv Everywhere
IPA News
Jack the Insider
Jacob Grier
Janet Albrechtsen
Jeremy Lott
John Quiggin
Jules Crittenden
Julian Sanchez
Justin’s Spot
K Street Cafe
Kerry Howley
Larvatus Prodeo
Libertarian Republican
Libertarianism, from A to Z
Macquarie Street
Mangled Thoughts
Marginal Revolution
Matthew Yglesias
Maximos62’s Blog
Megan McArdle
Michael Sutcliffe
Moody’s Pen
Musings of an inappropriate woman
Musings of an inappropriate woman News Articles
Nobody’s Business
Northwest Spectator
Not PC
Open Left – Front Page
ORTHODIXIE … Southern, Orthodox, Convert, Etc.
Overcoming Bias
Oz Politics
Patrick Ruffini
Pimpin For Freedom – Freeing Australia one blog at a time
Pithless Thoughts
Postmodern Conservative
Posts by Liz Mair
Public Polity
Quadrant Online – Most Recent Articles
Questing for Atlantis
Real World Libertarian
Reason Magazine – Daily Brickbats
Reason Magazine – Hit & Run – – Rough Cut Video Blog
Renascent Exegete
Right Pulse
Robert Bluey
Rod Dreher
Ross Douthat
RWDB – J.F. Beck
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (updated daily)
Shaken and Stirred
Sick of politics
sit down man, you’re a bloody tragedy
Somebody Think Of The Children
Spotted: DC Summer Interns
State Policy Blog
Steamboats Are Ruining Everything
Stephen Hicks, Ph.D.
The Agenda on National Review Online
The Agitator
The American Mind
The American Scene
The Blanks Slate
The BNE Politico Blog
The Cigarette Smoking Blog
The Economic Way of Thinking
the fucking word of the day
The Home of Atilla
The L Party
The League of Ordinary Gentlemen
The Next Right
The Political Sword
The Poll Bludger
The PRODOS blog
The Punch
The Right Aussie
The Stump
The Tally Room
The Volokh Conspiracy
The Western Lines
Think Free
Thoughts on Freedom
Tim Blair
Tim Harford
Track-A-‘Crat: The Roll Call of Democratic Delinquency
Ultimate Science Team
Unbridled Truth
United Liberty – Free Market – Individual Liberty – Limited Government
Velvet Glove, Iron Fist
Victorian Young Nationals
Virginia Liberty
Wchurch’s Weblog
Will Wilkinson Politics And Policy Washington Wire

So. Who should I add? 🙂


13 Responses to “Help Me, Oh Readers, You’re My Only Hope!”

  1. Danny Haynes Says:

    Tim, you are not subscribed to Mises Daily , Mises Media , or the Mises Economics Blog . The IPA News is good value.

  2. mrthedj Says:

    Don’t mean to blow my own trumpet but…. is a good read I’m told.

  3. Daniel Says:

    They cover every single topic imaginable to man kind, mostly as a sort of aggregator. The common denominator being the extremely high quality of the writing. I often find that I only read one or two out of every ten things they post, but it’s the best reading I do for the day and far-and-away my most shared feed.

  4. TC Says:

    On Orthodoxy:

    On Other Things:


    Also, I think you’ll get a kick out of this woman (and/or agree completely with everything she says?):
    She’s the only Orthodox blogger I’ve seen still using phrases like “papist snakes” completely sincerely, among other things.

  5. Manny C Says:

    You read too much. Here are some that aren’t on your list:

    Also check out FORA:

    Has some good stuff on there. In particular watch:

  6. Tim Andrews Says:

    Excellent! Keep them all coming! 🙂
    (I’ve also been recommended:

  7. Renate Says:

    If you have any interest in the biological underpinnings of human nature: Gene Expression:

    A very conservative take on culture, religion, politics and human nature: View from the Right:

  8. Tinos Says:

    I quite like these two.

    Alternatively you could have a look at some YouTube channels. I like TedtalksDirector (a variety of interesting talks, politics tends to be left-wing), makemagazine (endless DIY projects), ScienceOnline (interesting simple science projects), NightFlyer (thoughts of a random Vietnam vet’) & thenewboston (if you want to learn some electronics/programming).

  9. Tinos Says:

    Oops, that should’ve been NightFlyyer not NightFlyer.

  10. B. P. M. Says:

    WDTPRS is awesome, Tim! Glad to see someone recommended it to you…

  11. Heléna Says:

    don’t despair! it will be an exciting year. if not frustrating year, in Australian politics this year – I’m already getting the popcorn toasted!

  12. trinna Says:

    The only blog you’ll ever need…….

  13. David Says:

    not a blog per se, but nevertheless endless procrastination:

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