Patriarch Bartholomew On 60 Minutes.

Last week, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholemy was interviewed on 60 minutes.

I should begin by saying I have a few problems with the story. Firstly, like most people in the West, the role of the Ecumenical Patriarch is understood, and equated to that of the pope. In reality, he is not the leader or Patriarch of “300 million Orthodox”, rather the position is one of First Amongst Equals. In no way do is he viewed as our “pope”, and it is unfortunate that His All Holiness does not correct CBS on this.

Similarly I have to note that I do not like much of Patriarch Bartholomew’s politics (particularly regarding the environment), I do not like some of the ‘power-grabs’ by the EP and their self-proclaimed (and I would consider overarching) worldwide jurisdiction. I also do not like some of the modernisation that he has championed.

With that said however, this is a segment that is defiantly worth watching, particularly in regards to the current persecution of the Orthodox by the Turkish government, and some of the history of the Orthodox Church.

You can view the segment here.


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