Peer Aggregation, Google Reader, & Why You Ought Take Advantage Of It

In the last week or so, I have begun actively using some of the sharing features embedded in Google Reader.

GoogleReader is a great way to read blogs, and keep track of your daily reading list, which is what I’ve been using it for for most of this year. More recently however, my contacts on google reader both in Australia and in the US have reached the critical mass where it’s becoming useful for reasons other than that. Essentially I’m now getting a lot of very good pieces of writing shared from my peers (or, in many cases, my betters), rather than just from what I subscribe. Most of these are articles I would never find myself, they’re great, and have very much improved the quality of information I consume considerably.

The rational behind peer aggregation is simple. There is too much news and information out there for you to read everything, so the best filter for you are people you know, who know what you would like. This is why facebook and twitter are such good news services. But Google Reader really takes this to a whole new level. By being able to see what articles your friends/contacts ‘share’, you can customise and personalise your information consumption in a much more precise manner. And it really is a much better way of sharing things than facebook/twitter.

On top of that, Google has become very good at creating algorithms suggesting what you would be interested in, and suggests things itself.

So. I know a few people silly enough to read this blog use Google Reader, so if you drop me a line, I would like to increase the number of people I follow.

Also, if anyone’s interested, you can see what I post at at http:



3 Responses to “Peer Aggregation, Google Reader, & Why You Ought Take Advantage Of It”

  1. Chris Says:

    Hi Tim,
    Can you explain how i can add you to my people i follow in google reader?

  2. Chris Says:

    Don’t mind, i figured it out. There was a button to do it on your ‘’ site

  3. martin english Says:

    Hi Tim,

    1) I’m at It’s also specified (along with a bunch of other stuff i mashup and blog and so on at )

    2) I’m following your shared page in my Google reader. I used a method a little different to that mentioned above.

    The first time I went to your shared page, I saw your name (Tim Andrews). I went back to my Google Reader, found the ‘People You Follow’ text (left hand side).

    On the right hand side (I don’t know the google naming conventions for the two panels), there’s some text – ‘You are following x people. You can hide, edit or pick your sharing groups in …’

    I clicked the link ‘x people’. It listed the people I follow, plus had a ‘follow more people’ field where I put your name …..

    Now I’m following both your blog and your shared list in my Google Reader, wit the two feeds separated.

    Sorry about the size of the comment – maybe I should make a whole post of it 🙂

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