The Polls Are In: Rudd-Turnbull ETS = #EpicFail

As Malcolm Turnbull continues in his deluded quest to destroy the Liberal Party, a new poll by Galaxy has revealed that his argument that voters demand passing the ETS now are a complete, total, and utter fabrication, and that a whopping 60% of Australians are against Kevin Rudd rushing the Emissions Trading Scheme through parliament.

The poll goes on to reveal that:

*81 per cent of Coalition supporters want the vote to be delayed.
*Nine out of 10 Coalition supporters,  and three out of four Labor voters ,say they don’t understand the ETS and want the Government to explain it better.
*80 per cent of voters do not believe the Government has provided sufficient details about an ETS
*Only 26 per cent now supporting the Turnbull-Rudd push for the Senate to pass it into law immediately.

Turnbull’s position has been exposed.

He MUST be deposed.


4 Responses to “The Polls Are In: Rudd-Turnbull ETS = #EpicFail”

  1. trin Says:

    Put your money where the polls are then.

    Cling to those figures, bring in the Mad Monk as your leader (cos we all know Hockey supports the ETS, so he’s no good to you) and watch as the Liberals loose the next election by an ever bigger margin than 07.

    Do it!!!!

  2. jamesdrax Says:

    Turnbull and Hockey will mean disaster at the next election for the Liberals if either of them are leader, but I don’t trust Abbott either, he proved himself to be such a drip in that Jason Morrison interview.

  3. Fleeced Says:

    The next election may well be a disaster either way, thanks to Turnbull’s destructive behaviour. An anti-ETS campaign like Keating’s ’93 anti-GST campaign might work – or at least mitigate the losses – but supporting the ETS would be a complete disaster.

    The Turnbull supporters all say that it will be a disaster if the Libs don’t “do something” wrt climate change… but this shouldn’t mean they should do absolutely anything. I have yet to mean a single person who actually believes the ETS will help prevent/reduce AGW – so why support it?

  4. blueheeler Says:

    Even a drover’s dog can see Ruddy and Turnbully both run dictatorships, not leaderships. Look how many of their stockmen have rolled their parcels and headed for another station. The Turnbully reckons our kids and their kids, and the whole world for that matter, will be saved by a decision made by him and Krudd tomorrow! Bullshit! We walk our cattle slowly and never make them rush. Our great australian outback will be drought prone and flood prone 200 years from now, just as it was 200 years ago. No doubt there will be changes in the climate from now until the next ice-age kicks in. By then, Kruddy and Turnbully and all the other “climate catastrophe clubbers” will be fortunately forgotten–unless they start building huge pyramids to enshrine their colossal egos, funded eternally by the poor old taxpayer!

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