Australian Liberal Students’ Federation Condemns The ETS As Economic Vandalism

The Australian Liberal Students’ Federation has released this very strongly worded condemnation of the Rudd-Turnbull job-killing Emissions Trading Scheme, and offered their full support to Liberal dissenters:

“The Australian Liberal Students Federation (ALSF) has today uncategorically supported the decision of the principled group of Liberal Parliamentarians who have voiced their opposition to the Rudd Government’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

“Supporting an ETS prior to the rest of the world acting is pure economic vandalism,” said ALSF President Alex Butterworth.

“The ETS is a tax on Australian families and will have no positive impact on the environment.”

“Liberal students are steadfast in their opposition to the scheme.”

“We, like the overwhelming majority of the Liberal Party, support those Members and Senators who will be sitting opposite the Australian Labor Party when the vote on the bills is taken,” Mr Butterworth said.

“Courage is a valuable political commodity and the ALSF commends the courage of those who have sacrificed their own positions in shadow cabinet to stand up for what is right,” said Mr Butterworth.

“The ETS is a deeply flawed piece of legislation, which will greatly increase the cost of living and result in the loss of many Australian jobs”, added ALSF Vice President Sasha Uher

Greater consideration must be taken before implementing a scheme, which will have such a profound impact on the Australian way of life”

“It is encouraging to see that the former Liberal students in the Australian Parliament, including ALSF Patron Sophie Mirabella MP, are staying true to their convictions and fighting for the principles that the ALSF has long stood for”, said Ms Uher.”

Hear Hear!!!



4 Responses to “Australian Liberal Students’ Federation Condemns The ETS As Economic Vandalism”

  1. trin Says:

    HEHEHEHEHE. It is heartliy enjoyable watching the Libs tear strips off each other, fighting over who can pollute the world more when polls consistently show the majority of Australians do not wish to continue with unsustainable, resource-wasting practices. An, albeit flawed, ETS is just the start. Jobs are created by progressive industry and new technologies, not conservative ideology. Time will tell, just as it did for the whaling industry and slavery, two things true conservatives of your ilk said were essential for the economy to survive.

    Anyway, it’s the prospect of the cost of living going DOWN which really has your little growth-at-all-cost minds in a tizz. Just admit it, you don’t understand a life where best practice rather than individual material gain is the primary focus

  2. trin Says:

    oh and BTW…

    Here’s how an amusing bunch of youngsters are watching the action unfold….you know, if you’d like to step out of your little bubble for a minute.

  3. Subscribe me to something Says:

    Could you please subscribe me to any announcement of your new postings.
    Like your work. You rock Tim.

  4. TQS Says:

    You might like: True Believer Turnbull – NOW A MEME!

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