Young Liberal Movement Universally Defies Turnbull

The Australian Young Liberal Movement just released the following press release:

The Australian Young Liberal Movement has today strongly supported Liberal Senators and Members who have announced their decision to oppose the Rudd Government’s disastrous Emissions Trading Scheme.

Rachel Fry, Federal Young Liberal President, said that Young Liberal Movement members were universally opposed to the ETS.

“The Rudd Government’s Emissions Trading Scheme is poorly designed, will cost Australian jobs and reduce Australia’s international competitiveness for little environmental benefit,” Ms Fry said.

“Young Liberals do not support the passage of this bill and calls on all Liberal Senators and Members to oppose these bills.

“A number of Senators and Members have already announced their intention to cross the floor. These MPs enjoy the full support of the Young Liberal Movement.

“In particular, those frontbenchers who have resigned to cross the floor and vote against Labor’s ETS are to be congratulated for their strong and principled stand,” Ms Fry concluded.

“The Rudd Government is merely using a green rag to try to shroud what is in essence a massive tax grab by the Commonwealth which will result in every single Australian paying higher prices for essential items,” added Michael Van Dissel, Federal Vice President.


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