Offices In Meltdown: Staffers Reveal Unprecedented Grassroots Campaign

Today marks a distinctive change in Australian politics.
For the first time in history, a true grassroots campaign has emerged to stop Labor’s job-killing ETS from passing.
I asked a few staffers how many phone calls/emails they have received on this. Even I was shocked at the response:

“We have 500+ emails waiting for us each morning. We invariably get a further 500 throughout the course of the day. 1000 a day over the past 10 days, probably about half that rate for the two weeks previous. ~15000 would be about right in total. I literally spend about half my day on the phone (at a minimum) listening to people who are very concerned. At five minutes a call, I am probably taking about seven calls an hour. That doesn’t include the Canberra office. I have lost track of callers.”

“Like most Senator’s offices, we have been absolutely flooded. Since Monday we have had around 3000 anti ETS emails and around 400 phone calls between the EO and the Canberra office. Just to put it into perspective, I had my first ever pro ETS phone call this morning.”

“Our office has received literally thousands of emails against the ETS and in support of senators that have taken the courageous action to resign. This is in addition to the hundreds of calls. For every one call and email in favour of the ETS, there are 50 or 60 against”

“In over 20 years I have seen nothing even come close to this. More calls on this than even the most contentious issues of the Senate in the past.”

“The office has gone into complete meltdown.  Phone calls, faxes, emails – potentially thousands. We’re getting an email about ETS approx every 30 seconds.”

This is true ‘people power’.

3 Responses to “Offices In Meltdown: Staffers Reveal Unprecedented Grassroots Campaign”

  1. Charity Edwards Says:

    Thousands of Liberal voters are emailing about the ETS? Shock! Never mind the MILLIONS of Australians who have continually polled that they DO want action on climate change. Never mind the MILLIONS of Australians who voted out the Liberal Party at the last election because of their dinosaur stance on climate change. Sigh. Points awarded to Turnbull for at least trying to bring the Liberal Party into the current century.

  2. B. P. M. Says:

    As someone skeptical of both big government solutions and anthropogenic climate change, all I can say is GOOD. For too long the Liberals, especially under Malcolm, have had no principles and were willing to trample on the values of the party faithful for a cheap bit of media coverage. Now people have just had enough, and they’re making it known.

  3. Thing Says:

    This blog has the capacity to be proto-influential, like the embryonic days of The Other Cheek in 2005. Obviously this is more than a casual hobby for you – you have broken two or three exclusives in past weeks. But you need to put some effort into the format of this blog. This is the stock standard blog design on WordPress, and until you make it professional and unique, people are not going to presume credibility. I’d suggest reading one of the many books available on online media. Presentation is essential. Doesn’t have to be something too flash, just make it your own, and tidy up the formatting.

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