Join the “MALCOLM MUST GO” Facebook Group

If you have any faith in our great country.

If you have any love for the Liberal party.

If you believe that working Australian families shouldn’t be saddled with a $1,100 annual energy tax



2 Responses to “Join the “MALCOLM MUST GO” Facebook Group”

  1. Clinton Says:

    Keep up the good fight Tim, but keep in mind, Howard increased taxes a lot more then $1100 per family over his term.

    Not that you were ever a great Howard supporter, but is it really a matter of getting rid of “really bad” for “not as bad but still pretty lousy?”.

  2. John Humphreys Says:

    Clinton — to be fair to Howard (which is not something I am known for) it would be more accurate to say that Howard allowed tax to increase. That is somewhat different to pro-actively increasing the tax take. Perhaps it’s not a big difference, but I thought I’d make the distinction nonetheless and let other people decide on the relative merits of the two actions.

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