A pause

I do not know how to adequately deal with the exposure today of Mr. Turnbull’s psychiatric instability and deluded mental state. I obviously can not keep attacking him, so have little choice but to take pity upon him for his obvious mental illness.

After all, there is no way – no way whatsoever – that his actions today could have been done by a sane man.

So, rather than dancing over Malcolm’s grave, let us just all focus all our efforts on installing a proper Leader of the Liberal Party, and getting Malcolm the help he desperately needs.

UPDATE: Okay, so I might have gone a little far in this point. I was just so stunned by the sheer hubris, the sheer arrogance, the sheer delusion displayed in that press conference. He really seems to determined to bring the whole party down along with him, and (probably influenced by the fact that I was re-reading part of the Latham Diaries a few days ago), mad was the only thing I could think of to describe it at the time. So I do retract the essence of this post.


9 Responses to “A pause”

  1. A fan. Says:

    Tim, I don’t share your belief that Malcolm is mentally unstable and I think it is a bit disrespectful to suggest so. His actions mirror that of a madman, totally agree, but he’s just deluded if anything, he needs a wake up call, not a mental health therapist.

  2. Scott Says:

    My prediction. He’s going to stand down and resign from politics, he’s just trying now trying to push the ETS through before he does so in order to claim some kind of legacy.

  3. A fan. Says:

    Turnbull becomes the next Al Gore?

  4. TQS Says:

    Not mad, just bad. He has very nearly destroyed the party. He is the worst leader the Liberals have ever had.

    Where is Peter King now? Didn’t they get a 10 year ban? Maybe time to commute that patriots sentence.

    I think there is some truth Scott & A Fan’s predictions. Climate Change will remain topical for years to come. Al Gore has made a post-VP career out of it, and Malcolm is no stranger to being an advocate and leader of extra-parliamentary political movements.

    By taking a principled stand here (*gag* for Gaia and/or Goldman Sachs) he dies a martyrs death and becomes a hero to the Green movement from which he can cash his cheques, go on speaking tours, stay relevant and in the public/international spotlight etc… and feed his ego, for years and years to come.

    The man has enormous ambition. What substitute is there for his dream of becoming PM now that he has lost it through his own foolish self-destruction? Whatever it is, it needs to be large. He may be about to retire from politics, but not public life. Tim Flannery could have a new comrade to fight the Green fight as Al Gore’s and “The Team’s” newest sub-comandante down under.

    And all on top of the bodies of the Liberal party, we should have seen through him earlier.

    _ _ _

    Great Blog BTW. Thanks for posting and keeping us informed.

  5. John Humphreys Says:

    Most people seem to think that if Turnbull loses the leadership then he’ll quit politics (and force a Wentworth by-election that the Liberals may well lose). What about the possibility that he’ll stick around on the backbench and wait for the next leader to stumble?

    Howard v Peacock.
    Abbott v Turnbull.

  6. TerjeP (say tay-a) Says:

    John – I’m not convinced he has the patience for it. And whilst I think Turnbull has a good intellect he seems to suffer some leadership deficits. Perhaps he will stay and improve but only time will tell.

  7. Jacques Chester Says:


    Given your repeated and effusive displays of ignorance in the field of psychology, I find your claim that Turnbull is short of some roos in the top paddock to lack authority.

  8. B. P. M. Says:

    TQS – So who is worse, Fraser or Turnbull?

  9. Nick Says:

    If hubris was a building material, you could fashion another Titanic out of Turnbull’s. I don’t think it will matter what the good ship Turnbull is made out of, though – the iceberg is inescapable.

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