A Brief A Message To The Pro-ETS Faux Conservative Rats

To all of you who have spent years proclaiming your “conservative credentials” to the party membership, those of you who swore you were true warriors for the cause, those of you to whom true believers dedicated their lives to getting into parliament, and who then, under the cloak of secrecy the partyroom provides,  ratted on all you stood for & supported the ETS “compromise” , allow me to send you a message. On behalf of, you know, the people who actually got you to where you are.

It comes in the form of a quote from Labor warlord Graham Richardson:

My father often said that there was only one certainty in life: anyone who will rat on you once will rat on you twice. In the twenty-two years since his death, I have seen nothing to alter that truth.

From the countless battles fought in and by the Postal Workers Union during my childhood, I had learned the true value of forgiveness in politics: nil

We will remember. And we will never forgive.


7 Responses to “A Brief A Message To The Pro-ETS Faux Conservative Rats”

  1. Jake The Muss Says:

    Rafting on tax increases though, well that’s perfectly acceptable. We’ll still support you.

  2. Twitted by Peter5044 Says:

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  3. Helen Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. The arrogance displayed is unbelievable. I just saw Ian McDonald on TV and he couldn’t care less about the people who work their insides out to get him where he is. He just issued an ultimatum to Liberal members that they had better support the line as he expects.

  4. Scott Says:

    These Senators need to know it’s no longer a partisan issue. It’s an individual issue and many will hold them personally to account for their vote. I’ve never voted below the line but will at the next election if this passes. Guess what, those Senators who vote for this will find themselves somewhere on my ballot paper in the vicinity of the Socialist Alliance.

  5. Tim Andrews Says:

    They’ll be below on mine.
    At least socialist alliance are honest.

  6. Pete Says:

    It is interesting how you seem to think that a Liberal voter is necessarily opposed to an ETS/unconvinced of Climate Change science, and hence any Liberal representative is a turncoat.
    Are you basing this on anything than your own ideology of what a Liberal should be?

    I have actually found McDonald to be an excellent example of political commitment and openness to new ideas. Good on him and boo to the Minchinites eating out the soul of the Liberal party.

  7. Pete Says:

    Aaah, now I understand. You were referring to the Galaxy poll published in the Telegraph. The content of which was focussed on people’s desire to know more about the ETS.

    Clearly this provides excellent empiric support for the idea that any Liberal representative who not opposed to an ETS in principle is the devil.

    If only we could bring back J-Ho, Costello, Downer and other stalwarts of honesty and integrity that formed the moral backbone of the Liberals.

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