EXCLUSIVE: Full Breakdown Of Joint Partyroom Meeting ETS Votes

Coalition joint partyroom meetings are shrouded in secrecy.In a manner akin to the smoke-filled rooms of yore, who said what is never revealed. Sure, the media gets a name here, a name there, but the inner workings are never released.

The public are prevented from knowing what is their right. They are prevented from knowing who, beneath the cloak of secrecy, does the right thing, and who betrays them. They are prevented from knowing who the true freedom fighters are, and who are the rank hypocrites.

Until now.

As my readers would know, I have a longstanding interest in government transparency and accountability. I can not abide the concept of decisions being made behind closed doors, and believe that sunlight is the best disinfectant for bad policy.

With that in mind, I have spent the last 12 hours tracking down the names of everyone who spoke in the partyroom, and what they said. Who stood up for principle, and who prostituted themselves to climb the greasy poll of appeasement. Finally, I can say I have a complete list.

In a rare and unprecedented exclusive, please find below the names of everyone who spoke in the joint partyroom meeting on the ETS, and on what side they were on.

I should note, there is, in all likelyhood, one or two mistakes – I believe my numbers are off by one (I have one person in the “against” column that should not be there). But a minor mistake matter nought (and hopefully shall be rectified soon). This is  the ONLY comprehensive list out there. And it has near-perfect accuracy.

This is a real first.

So. Who did what.

Cap & Traitors

Andrew Lamming
Barry Haase
Bob Baldwin
Chris Pierce
Conchetta Fierravanti-Wells
Don Randall
Fran Bailey
Bill Heffernan
Gary HumphriesHelen Kroger
Jamie Briggs
Jason Wood
Jo Gash
Judith Troeth
Judy Moylan
Lousie Marcus
Mal Washer
Margaret May
Maurise Payne
Peter Lindsay
Phillip Ruddock
Pietro Georgia
Richard Colbeck
Rowan Ramsey
Russel Trood
Russell Broadbent
Scott Morrison
Simon Birmingham
Steve Irons
Stuart Robert
Sue Boyce
Susan Ley

Freedom Fighters

Alan Eggleston
Alan Fergeson
Alby Schultz
Alex Hawke
Andrew Robb
Barnaby Joyce
Brett Mason
Bronwyn Bishop
Bruce Billson
Bruce Scott
Chris Back
Cory Bernadi
Dana Vaile
Darren Chester
David Bushby
David Hawker
Dennis Jensen
Fiona Nash
Guy Barnett
Ian Macdonald
John Forrest
John Williams
Judith Adams
Julian McGauran
Kay Hull
Kevin Andrews
Luke Hartsuyker
Luke Simkins
Mark Coulton
Mathias Cormann
Michael Johnson
Michaelia Cash
Mitch Fifield
Nola Marino
Patrick Secker
Peter Slipper
Ron Boswell
Scott Ryan
Tony Smith
Wilson Tuckey

So. There you have it.

(I should make one note: one of my sources was adamant John Cobb spoke against, and another that he did not. As it is my assumption shadow-cabinet did not speak, I left him off the list, but should mention this)

Now go read my post on why Turnbull ought be deposed! 🙂

UPDATE: Am working on compiling exactly why everyone voted the way they did, so check back soon!

UPDATE 2: Done. Read here.


30 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Full Breakdown Of Joint Partyroom Meeting ETS Votes”

  1. Adam Says:

    Jason Wood in there twice. Twice the traitor. Some interesting names in there that you woudn’t expect. Heff??? I guess he got the agriculture exclusions he was looking for.

    No sign of cabinet members?

  2. Former Capo of the Federation Says:

    No big suprises for me. All of the warriors are in the second list.

    Mitch Fifield is a legend, Bronwyn is awesome and Scott Ryan is one of the best things ever to happen to the Australian Senate. Props also to Mitch, Brett and Mathias for laying it on the line.

    Interesting scenario for Donna Taylor, with her hubby in one list and her hero in the other.

  3. Muzza Says:

    where are the rest? did they not speak for or against? can you add them in somewhere

  4. Tim Andrews Says:

    @Adam – shadow cabinet does not speak at such meetings
    @Muzza – if they were not listed, they did not speak

  5. Mr. Conservative Says:

    How can someone speak against the motion for an ETS scheme one day, and then the very next day vote for Turnbull in the leadership ballot (especially when the leadership ballot was a referendum on the ETS)?

    By the looks of the numbers today (35 – 48), a fair few MP’s said one thing and did an other when it mattered.

    Tim, you should find out who these drossy, sorry excuses for political “leaders” are!

    I shall be waiting with bated breath.

  6. Tim Andrews Says:

    It is understandable to some degree; Kevin Andrews is hardly leadership material, and this was simply done as a stalking horse move.

    Turnbull is (obviously) dead man walking.

  7. Hmm Says:

    Speaking as a student hack, I’ll vote to support my crew, but I’ll speak my mind on policy. Nothing wrong with that.

  8. GLib Says:

    Differential in the vote for ETS v vote for Turnbull can quite easily be put down to the fact that it is a vote of the LIBERAL party room and not the joint party room and also the inclusion of Shadow Cabinet who didn’t speak in the JPR.

  9. Robert Candelori Says:

    Had Abbott or Hockey stood for the leadership – Turnbull would have been skewered.

  10. QLD Lib Says:

    Notice how “traitors” are all sitting in marginal seats…

  11. IhatetheETS Says:


    I am sorry, but I simply find it too hard to believe that Alex Hawke would not have supported Malcolm’s ETS stance.

    Malcolm obviously decided to stake his leadership on this issue, and Malcolm is Alex’s last hope to get anywhere in the Parliament- it just doesn’t click that Hawke would take on Malcolm in such a way. Turnbull has protected him and it doesn’t make sense that Hawke would turn on him on his signature leadership issue.

    I mean, if ever, Malcolm wanted payback, it would have been on the ETS vote.

    And we know that he supported Malcolm in the ballot today…

  12. Tim Andrews Says:


    What rot.
    Alex has opposed the ETS consistently from the get go.

    Stop listening to media propaganda, and start facing reality.

  13. B. P. M. Says:

    +1 to Tim’s most recent comment. Go to Alex’s website, his speech against the ETS is there in full, and it’s a damn good one, might I add.

    I am glad the 2-3 NSW Liberals I still respect (Alex included) all voted against it!

  14. Tim Humphries Says:

    It’s gonna be an interesting summer.

  15. John Humphreys Says:

    Nice work Tim. Please cross post at the ALS blog.

  16. Jake The Muss Says:

    Yes just like Alex consistently stood up against the alcopops tax hike…until he didn’t.

    Now that he has ‘fought against it in the party room where it matters’ I bet you he’ll happily vote for the ETS now in the house. Either that or he’ll hide somewhere like a coward.

    Great man to have in the trenches with you.

  17. A few guesses at your source... Says:

    If Alex Hawke voted against the ETS in the party room there’s no way he’ll be getting the promotion he’s been chasing since entering parliament.

    Good riddance.

  18. B.P.M. Says:

    In political terms even if Joe Hockey or Tony Abbott want to take a tilt at the top job now would have been a bad time to do it. They would have been tarnished with the divisive politics of the ETS and would have had a hard time getting the party united behind them.

  19. TerjeP (say tay-a) Says:

    Another typo brain fart cache thingo. The comment above was by me not B.P.M. Very sorry.

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  21. Rightjab » Blog Archive » Freedom fighters V Traitors Says:

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  22. Scott Says:

    Excellent. Please update the list after the vote and show us which Senator’s to put last when voting below the line.

  23. Chris Says:

    Please don’t bring yourselves down to everyone else’s level by spewing vitriol – it’s inelegant and unnecessary. Voting with one’s feet is what counts and, in the end, is all that matters. Much of the comment sounds just like a Labor Party response – not what any conservative voter wants to align him or herself with. Keeping it well mannered and articulate will win!

  24. Gael Says:

    Both Kev the “here have a lolly pop while I steel your house” man and Mal the” I would sell the people of Australia into slavery if it made me more money” man, have an evil agenda, along with all the other people in Labour and Liberal who vote for the ETS. All these people want to do is strut the world stage and trample on the plebs. Will Tony Abbott or Joe Hockey be any different?

  25. JanL Says:

    I believe you could be wrong about Hawker.
    I live in Hawkers electorate of Wannon, have met and talked with him on a number of occasions, and I have the impression that he is a bit of ‘two bob each way’ on climate change. Mind you, climate does change, and always has. Why else would we have four seasons hm?

  26. marg Says:

    where’s Alex Somalyay?

  27. marg Says:

    Sorry, I just realised it was a list of those who spoke. Maybe Alex Someyley did not speak but I would still like to know where he stands.

  28. Chris Says:

    Yes they stuffed it up but let’s start alerting the public that Rudd is a traitor. He is selling Australia down the river and has absolutely no mandate to do so.
    We know the ETS thing has nothing to do with the climate, the environment etc, it is all about signing away our sovereignty and bringing about One World Government.
    Lets call to bring back hanging for all traitors and start with Kevin Rudd!

  29. Manny C Says:

    Re Alex Hawke: My understanding is that he spoke against the ETS in the partyroom meeting two days ago. To suggest his career depends on Turncoat is to sell Hawke short. He will be on the Federal Liberal Party’s future leaders. Also Tim, I think your categorisation of Hawke is probably correct at your post here:

  30. My Blog: One Year On « The musings of an Australian classical liberal in Washington DC Says:

    […] EXCLUSIVE: Full Breakdown Of Joint Partyroom Meeting ETS Votes (another post I’m especially proud of collecting the information for) […]

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