Sex, Lies, & Ranngate

And so we have the latest publicity-seeking, money-grabbing hussy/tart willing to bare all about a political affair to the media.

For a reported $200,000 Barmaid Michelle Chantelois detailed to the Seven Network & New Idea details of a relationship she had with Premier Rann (who was at that point single), including sordid details about them having sex on his office desk in parliament &c.

Perhaps I am somewhat old fashioned, but I do believe it is a horrendous breach of etiquette to ‘kiss and tell’ in this manner. If you want to have an affair with someone, at least have the good manners and decency to keep it quiet.

I have little interest in commenting more upon this, other than to express my disgust the actions of Mrs. Chantelois, and to express my sympathy to Premiere Rann. Yes, he might be a horrible premier, but he should at the least be judged on his performance as such, and not have his private life splashed across the front page.

I will only add a few extracts of what I wrote previously, after the Della Bosca “scandal” broke:

“Through breaching the trust and privacy of Mr. Della Bosca in such a manner, whatever lasting shreds of doubt you could have had about her moral character evaporated. The fact that Mr. Della Bosca also broke vows is irrelevant in being able to objectively state that her actions in going to the media were morally reprehensible (and one suspects the possibility that Belinda Neale is far more pragmatic about such things to a degree that trust wasn’t actually broken). I am just sickened by this. This was a clear breech of trust that nothing in the story she presented is justified.John Della Bosca was betrayed in the cruelest way possible.

I see no reason why having an affair should disqualify you from public office. None at all. We elect people in politics to govern. We do not elect them to be our moral leaders. Becoming an MP is not the same as becoming a priest. We do not – and should not – elect people on the basis of moral virtue. The only grounds for being elected or removed from office is your ability to do your job. And while I think Mr. Della Bosca should be thrown out of office, this is for the sole reason I think he is incapable in his job description. And not because of what he does in his private life.

I find it a disturbing trend in society at the moment that we expect our politicians to live lives free of sin. To be models of purity and virtue. To be angelic role models in their private lives. And if they ever show any signs of frail humanity and weakness, we tear them down. Such an attitude of unrealistic expectations can never be good for government. We either end up with unrepresentative puritans, or persons who are forced to lie and conceal themselves from the public – what sort of an incentive for honesty is there? And then blackmail becomes an active political commodity. More dangerously, fostering such a mentality that politicians are almost super-human beings means we trust them ,and government ,with far too much power. A society where politicians are ‘role models’ is a dangerous society for liberty indeed.

It would be better for all concerned if we understood and accepted our politicians as humans, with all their flaws. We removed the pedestal from under them, and accepted them for who they were. We did not rip into our opponents for personal failings, but rather focused on the issues at hand. And, as technologies are destroying traditional information model, I have hope that such things will gradually occur.”



5 Responses to “Sex, Lies, & Ranngate”

  1. MC Says:

    It’s highly likely that he will be proven to have misled the House over this.

    Accordingly, if it is proven he misled the House, seeing as he was so adamant while Opposition Leader that Liberal Ministers (and even former Premier Olsen) should resign when proven to have not been completely truthful in answering questions in the House and/or before Committees (which they actually did) he should take a leaf out of that same prayer book he likes to lecture everyone else from and take the same dose of medicine.

    Plus I think it’s amusing that you’re referring to a media attention grabbing tart, but not actually referring to Mike Rann. That’s hilarious.

  2. Tim Andrews Says:

    If he mislead the house, then that is grounds for his resignation (at the least). I was unaware of any evidence of this.

  3. John Humphreys Says:

    Rann was unmarried… but I don’t think he was single.

  4. sceptic Says:

    Since he’s not said much in Parliament about this (and what he did say was very careful) I don’t think misleading Parliament will be an issue.

    Rann’s wife is standing by him, and more and more questions are being asked about both Chantelois and her husband and THEIR motivations … I suspect this will all blow over fairly quickly, despite the desire of Murdoch’s local gutter rag to keep it on the front page.

    Despite our reputation of being a wowser state, on issues like this we are capable of being quite grown up. Ignoring the attempts of the usual Liberal commenters to highjack the issue, most people seem to be adopting a “consenting adults, yadda, yadda, yadda” attitude.

    Come the March State Election, I suspect people will have other things on their mind when they enter the ballot box …

  5. newswithnipples Says:

    Unless he skipped Cabinet meetings to hang out with her, then I don’t care where he sticks his dick (consenting adults and all that).

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