Monday Morning Music: A Tribute To Communism

Okay. So maybe communists were responsible for over 100 million murdered worldwide, unions are responsible for countless millions living in poverty,and the USSR was just pure evil. I accept that. No argument from me here.

But dammit, they really have good songs!

In hindsight, I suppose I can understand why people give me funny looks around the office hearing me singing these songs… but they’re really good!

UPDATE: Cr. Ross Grove has alerted me to the fact that that Australia has some good home-grown pro-union propaganda songs. Here are two from the CFMEU (possibly Australia’s most evil Union) I havn’t seen previously:

The Brits also have this song:


3 Responses to “Monday Morning Music: A Tribute To Communism”

  1. Ross Grove Says:

    I don’t know whether these tunes make me want to work harder or stick it to “the man” (points at own reflection)

  2. Tinos Says:

    I think the USSR anthem is way better than ours. I like the Red Army Choir as well.

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