Anyone Want To Watch “As You Like It” With Me?

I tend to quite like the theater, but rarely get the chance to attend. In the last year, I’ve only attended one performance, which was rather enjoyable, but very much would like to attend some more.

So – anyone want to watch a performance with me? I might even throw in a free drink for you afterwards as an added incentive to stomach my company.

I was thinking – the DC-based Shakespeare Theatre Company offers $10 tickets to persons aged 35 and under, and are about to start with As You Like It. I have never seen As You Like it in full, so would quite like to attend. As theatrical performances are generally best enjoyed in company, would anyone else here like to watch it with me?

Now, I should note, I am a rather harsh critic of theater. Once, after storming out of a Sydney Theater Company’s production of Self-Esteem during interval in utter disgust, I ceremonially burned all the playbills I could lay my hands on (see photo). And, like pretty much every modern performance of The Bard, I expect it this will be God-awful. I am especially suspicious as this adaption is set “in the Golden Age of Hollywood”. However, a poor production does not equate to a bad evening. In some cases, it can even accentuate it, as you can have great fun sneering and feeling superior afterwards.

So – anyone interested in keeping a slightly mentally unhinged Australian company for an evening?

(Note: crazy stalkers need not apply)


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5 Responses to “Anyone Want To Watch “As You Like It” With Me?”

  1. Lieschen Says:

    Thanks for ignoring me Tim. No really, thanks.

  2. Tim Andrews Says:

    What on earth are you talking about?

  3. Lieschen Says:

    I told you I wanted to go. Do I fall under the category “crazy stalkers need not apply”?

  4. Tim Andrews Says:

    What??? When?!?!?!?!

  5. Tim Humphries Says:

    If I get the chance to do a trip to DC next year, I’ll def come and see Hamlet.

    Dude wheres my dagger is the best quote from the movie versions heh.

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