On Left-Libertarianism

One of the things I’ve been trying to do recently is to encourage more guest posts on Thoughts On Freedom, the blog of the Australian Libertarian Society, so that we can expand our range of writers away from the usual suspects (and if anyone reading this is interested in contributing, please let me know).

I’m particularly excited about a post put up yesterday by Amy, who recently started up her self-described left-libertarian blog, Civil Tongues, (which I would strongly encourage everyone to check out).

I’ve always been interested in left-libertarianism, because on a cultural level at the least, I have strong sympathies with some of the left’s critiques of modern society; however I genuinely can not see the logic behind the left-libertarian argument. In her post, and the quite stimulating discussion in the comments thread, Amy makes quite a good case on how essentially that the difference between left and right libertarians is while we have similar outcomes in mind, we have very different ways of getting there.

I would strongly encourage all to read the post, and engage in the debate!

UPDATE: I forgot to link to the article! Oops! You can find it here.


4 Responses to “On Left-Libertarianism”

  1. Wallace Forman Says:

    Reason had a recent debate on culture that may be relevant:


    I think that debater Todd Seavey wins it.

  2. Tim Andrews Says:

    Yes, I was actually going to put up that point as the next ALS discussion topic.
    Still, I do think that the points made are different to at least some extent…

  3. Scott Says:

    What a conflicted young lady. I doubt she is truly a libertarian. The fact remains that what the left wants is the ability to use government or some other body to redefine the rules in society to benefit those they perceive to be disadvantaged.

    A true libertarian would say that you are free to transfer your own wealth to others if you choose. However those of the left never advocate free choice in this manner, they advocate taking money from people who essentially cannot refuse to hand over that money if they are not happy with where it will end up.

    A Leftist Libertarian is an oxymoron. For if they are worried about the disadvantaged then should advocate charity – and a reduction in tax in order to allow people to donate more to charities of their choice.

    I’ve no doubt Milton Friedman would give this young lady a lot of grief in a debate.

  4. TerjeP (say tay-a) Says:

    Good move Tim. I’d happily have Marxist communists posting articles on the ALS so long as they were talking about freedom and/or libertarians. Dialogue is much of what it is all about.

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