The Joys Of Argument, & The Tyranny Of The Pastels

To continue my previous rant against the blandification of society, and to stress the points made therein, I make the following appendum:

No greater evil has befallen the world of conversation than the dictum to never speak politics or religion around a dinner table. And no greater tragedy has befallen interpersonal relationships than the fact that this dictum is almost universally blindly followed. For underpinning this vile doctrine is the foul stench of the odious construct, apparently so ingrained in modern consciousness that it is now accepted as a given, that we ought minimise difference, eliminate conflict, and do little more than politely agree. And as such, this doctrine symbolises all that is horrid about modern life.

I can think of no greater horror, no greater tragedy, than a world bereft of the intellectual fight. Of a friendship bereft of conflict. Of a world where pleasantness rules the day.

Conversation thrives on conflict. On emotion, on passion, on the true exchange of ideas. The fight, however abstract and intellectual, however obscure and theoretical, is what makes it exciting, what gets the blood rushing, and makes you feel like you are truly alive.

There is nothing greater than an argument that gets the blood boiling, that arouses your true feelings, and that forges a true connection between you and the person with whom you are speaking. Vitriol, insults and abuse, rather than things to look askance at, when underpinned by a common understanding of the rules of debate, are glorious in their very essence. For they are marks of feelings.

How can you form any true relationship based on agreeing? How can you truly appreciate the burning hot fires of passion without the conflict that make them appear? It is for this reason that I could never understand why political people often refuse to date their ideological opponents – what could be worse than a relationship where you do little more than stare at each other doe eyed and repeat “I agree”. What passion is there in that? What life??? Our emotional range ought never be limited to “happy” and “content”; it is the disagreements, the fire and brimstone, the pain that truly allow us to grow. It is at the extremes that true emotions are found – never at the centre.

We have become a society compromised not of bright colours and vivid lights, but rather one made up of pastels. Where the subtle hues dominate, and the extremes are left to languish.

And I can think of no greater hell than that.


2 Responses to “The Joys Of Argument, & The Tyranny Of The Pastels”

  1. B. P. M. Says:

    Hear, hear!

  2. My Blog: One Year On « The musings of an Australian classical liberal in Washington DC Says:

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