Random Fun Facts About Tim

To celebrate National Blogging Month, here are some random facts about me that you can use to attack me about down the track.

  • I have a pathological hatred of roller shoes, and believe them to symbolise all that is wrong about modern society. Seriously.
  • I have strange obsessions about numbers and symmetry. I cannot stand numbers on volume controls etc to be 1 off a multiple of 5. So it must be 10, 12,13,15,17,18, 20 and so on. If I overshoot – for instance I am aiming to go to 20 but accidently get to 21, then I must go down to 19 before I hit 20. If this doesn’t happen I get incredibly annoyed. More recently this has started with food items, and also with lists (note how many bullet points this note has – same with all I write really). I also occasionally have symmetry issues, where if I do something with one side of the body (for instance wink), I must balance it up by doing the same action on the other. This can lead to some awkward interpersonal situations (particularly in cases it’s combined with the first obsession)
  • In 1984, I won the Daily Mirror’s Baby of the Year competition (I peaked too soon).
  • At about the age of about 9 or so, I came up with an elaborate way to analyse my own psyche: I created an internal parliament in my head. Different MP’s represented different facets of my personality. It became incredibly complex and detailed rather quickly, with major parties (each with their own factions within them), minor parties (it was a proportional representation system), a separate executive – at one point it had a bicameral legislature, but that came a bit later. But I remember swimming laps in Ashfield pool when this first started thinking about this for hours at one time and then building on it through the years. I still occasionally revive this concept to this very day when trying to understand my general schizophrenic nature.
  • I am an Instructor in the National Orgnisation of Russian Scouts
  • I was once a Marxist. Quite literally. Although I would have called myself a virulent anti-communist at the time, I remember at the age of about 8 jumping on the trampoline in our backyard and thinking how great it would be if the central government assigned everyone their job based on what was needed for society, and how much more efficient this would be. This idea stayed with me for a few years. It was replaced with the notion that government would be much more efficient if we chose the best people before they reached the age of 5 (through various tests), and then brought them up to govern the rest of society. This idea lasted well into my teenage years (and brought me much mirth when I finally discovered Plato)
  • The first election I voted in was the 1993 Australian Federal Election, when I filled in my grandmother’s ballot. The first campaign I worked on was the 1996 Lowe election.
  • I like the game bridge

So yes, in short, I am utterly insane.


5 Responses to “Random Fun Facts About Tim”

  1. Cam Says:


  2. John Humphreys Says:

    That’s not Marxism. Marxism doesn’t have a government. What you were thinking of was socialism.

  3. Chris Says:

    I get your body symmetry thing, but overshooting on volume controls? That’s just… awesome 😛

  4. Tim Andrews Says:

    John – fair point

  5. Steve Says:

    Bridge seems like a game I could get into as well

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